R.T.A. Motion Control

is a leading network of companies in the motion control industry.

R.T.A. is number 1 in Italy in the stepper systems market and number 3 in Europe in the stepper motor drives segment.


Your partner for motion control

Meet R.T.A.’s product groups

The wide range of high quality R.T.A.’s products will satisfy the needs of any type of your application. Their continuous technological innovation and commitment to internationalization makes them a leading player in the industrial automation sector.

  • Stepper motor drivers

  • Stepper motors

  • Motion controllers

  • AC servos

  • Cooling fans

  • Planetary gearboxes

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Control motion with R.T.A.’s certified products

R.T.A. is composed from 4 companies in Italy, Germany, Spain and India. Over time, they partnered with Sanyo Denki, a leading Japanese manufacturer of stepper motors, servo systems and cooling systems.

R.T.A. has been producing stepper motor drives since 1976 and since then, 1.000.000+ stepper motor drives have been sold worldwide. Their network has 40+ distributors across 5 continents. The quality of their products is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001 (TUV-50 100 2153) Norm.

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  • RTA ADW series drives

ADW Series Drives from R.T.A.

Take advantage of the ADW series drives from R.T.A. for easy connection to your PLC and reliable speed control of your stepper motor while saving up to 70% of space.

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