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is the leading manufacturer of industrial control equipment, such as joysticks, switches, control stations and resistors.

Since 1920 Spohn + Burkhardt’s products have been known worldwide for their unmatched design and perfected functional, ergonomic, and optical quality.

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Spohn + Burkhardt offers you control transmitters, control systems and resistors as individual units and in small and large series, as well as custom, integrated solutions.

  • Joysticks

  • Control stations

  • Resistors

  • Switches

  • Handles

  • Foot pedals

  • Portable control panels

  • Accessories

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100+ years of experience

Spohn + Burkhardt’s complete line of high quality control products is manufactured in Southern Germany. Their facility in Schelklingen boasts state of the art fabrication equipment that allows quick turnaround and ensures products of highest quality, standard or custom designs.

A high-quality standard and consequently, the complete satisfaction of their clients, is one of company’s most important aims. It is confirmed by various certificates, as well as by the national and international standards and design certificates.

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Sheet metal fabrication, finishing, resistor assembly and control system wiring is done at the facility in Schelklingen. At their headquarters in Blaubeuren, controllers, controller accessories and control system final assembly are done.

The unmatched design and world-class quality of Spohn + Burkhardt’s products are confirmed by various certificates, e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001-2015, as well as by the national and international standards, IEC 947, EN 60947, CSA, UL and design certificates.

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