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A wide variety of high-quality brake resistors, from standard to custom ones, is available from Spohn+Burkhardt. Benefit from their clever design, long service life and outstanding resistance in various applications.

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If you are after the highest quality for your projects, then brake resistors from Spohn+Burkhardt are the right solution for you. The top quality of these resistors is reflected in their 20-year service life and outstanding resistance.

You will most likely find a suitable resistor for your requirements in the Spohn + Burkhardt’s rich standard offer. However, if this is not the case, they will be happy to manufacture custom resistor precisely tailored to your special needs.

Brake resistors Spohn+Burkhardt

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Whether you operate the industrial plant or manufacture finished goods, you can always count on the best quality brake resistors from Spohn+Burkhardt. One of the essential prerequisites for such quality is high-grade raw materials i.e., the use of chrome-nickel wire for the wire wound resistors, and stainless-steel of the highest quality for wire grid resistors.

In addition, their devices feature intelligent design. Although they are practically wear-free, you can easily and cost-effectively replace individual components, if this happens to be necessary.

Choose the right product for your application

Although brake resistors may be thought of as simple electronics components, you need to consider several parameters when choosing the resistor type. Even though the actual resistance of the component is of paramount importance, also voltage withstand, power dissipation and the actual type of resistor itself all have a major impact on the performance.

Accordingly, it is necessary to be familiar with the different resistor types and their suitability for different application. It is crucial that you choose the correct type of resistor for each of the applications to ensure the best performance.

Resistors Spobu types

Learn about versatile brake resistor types

Brake resistors types Spobu

You can benefit from the wire wound resistors in applications with either low power ratings or high ohmic values. A high-quality chrome-nickel wire that is used for the windings offers outstanding overload capacity. The resistor posts are in a robust frame. If necessary, you can also receive resistor posts individually as spare parts.

The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel. You can partially or completely remove the cover for commissioning. These resistors are cooled internally but an integration of forced ventilation is possible for higher power ratings.

The steel grid resistors are your solution for applications with high power ratings. They are made of high-quality stainless-steel alloys with exceptional overload capacity, which is a true indication of the product quality.

The additional outstanding characteristics of these resistors are high heat dissipation and the highest possible temperature resistance, with the melting point well over 1000 °C.

The individual steel grids are built in a frame which is built into the housing. This enables easy exchange of the entire resistor block and easy access to the connections by removing the front cover. At the request, there is also the option of wiring the connections to separate connection strips in the lower area of the resistor, which enables even easier installation of the connection lines.

Thanks to the housing’s large ventilation slots, optimal cooling is guaranteed. Steel grid resistors are available with thermal contact and self- or external ventilation upon request.

You can attach the housing either to the wall or to the floor indoors or outdoors. Stable ring eyelets facilitate transport and assembly.

The cast resistors are your solution for applications with very high loads, when brief maximum power peaks are required. Due to their large mass, a high level of impulse resistance is achieved. Nevertheless, their resistor blocks can easily be exchanged individually. All connections are easily accessible after removing the front cover.

In the standard version, cast resistors are supplied in powder-coated sheet steel housing, but the stainless-steel housing is available upon your request. As they come in various degrees of protection, they are suitable for outdoor installation. You can attach the housing either to the wall or to the floor. Stable ring eyelets facilitate transport and assembly.

Thanks to the housing’s large ventilation slots, optimal cooling is guaranteed. Cast resistors are available with thermal contact and self- or external ventilation upon request.

You also have the option of ordering a custom resistor e.g., a resistor adapted to confined space conditions, or with the fastening options tailored to your project.

Reliably implement your projects

In plant engineering applications, resistors help you avoid severe damage caused by excess energy. They convert this energy into heat and thus reliably prevent damage from occurring.

Resistors from Spohn+Burkhardt guarantee high reliability and interruption-free operation that are both particularly important in the field of energy engineering.

E.g., generators enable a secure energy supply, entirely independent of the public power grid. The load resistors and test resistors ensure that your generator is aways functional.

The high-quality resistors with the megawatt power ratings are also available for this application area.

Resistors are indispensable for the electrically operated equipment for material handling, which is used in many areas of the transport and logistics sector. They enable you precise and safe control.

Resistors are excellently suited for production of hybrid drives for motor vehicles and switching power supplies.

Also, the resistors make it possible both to eliminate voltage spikes that otherwise would cause damage or to absorb braking energy and convert it into heat.

In drive control applications speed changes can release excess energy through control or regulation. Especially a lot of excess energy is generated during the lowering of loads (on elevators, cranes), when the engine is running in generator mode. You can use brake resistors for the dissipation of the excess energy and prevent considerable damage caused by such changes. The resistors ensure reliable conversion of the energy and help preventing defects.

Brake resistors are often used also in conjunction with a frequency converter. In this way, you can set up conveyor belts, cranes, and elevators for drive control applications.

The significance of resistors is increasing in the construction of mobile machines due to the advancing electrification. The high-quality brake resistors ensure a high level of safety when mobile machines are used. They also contribute to a reliable mode of operation.

Many machines release energy during braking and direction changes. You can use brake resistors to dissipate this energy and ensure reliable braking in e.g., robot technology and many other industrial machines.

Brake resistors are often used also in conjunction with a frequency converter for machine tools, thus enabling reliable and safe dissipation of energy.

Resistors are indispensable in many experimental setups. They provide precise ohmic values, which contribute to exact measurement results of the electrical tests in basic research and product development.

Because different experimental setups require different ohmic values, an extensive range of resistors (from small wire wound resistors to large steel grid resistors) is important to meet the needs of laboratory technology.

Brake resistors applications

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Brake resistors Spohn+Burkhardt

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