Temperature controller for industrial processes

The West temperature controller is a universal process PID controller with which, in addition to heat, we also control other processes.

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The temperature controller West is a universal process PID controller for heat control and other linear industrial processes. The dimensions are 48 x 48 mm, 96 x 48 mm and 96 x 96 mm.

The West temperature controller has universal inputs, which is an important advantage because it is no longer necessary to use different input cards. It is possible to connect PT100 probes, thermocouples, voltage or current analog signal.

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Setting control parameters is extremely easy. Some temperature controllers may have two universal inputs and a data storage device. The setting is enabled by a USB connection. The control outputs of the temperature controllers can be relay, SSR or analog.

The product range also includes limit temperature regulators and special versions for the plastics industry.

Temperature controller West lineup

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Temperature controller West

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