Vision System Solution 5GigE – top speed, legendary size

Basler’s Vision System Solution 5GigE combines the small format of the Basler ace 2 camera, five times the GigE speed, and perfectly matched hardware and software components. It enables higher throughput for increased efficiency and profitability of your application, while keeping overall system costs low.

Get yourself top performance for little cost

Vision System Solution GigE5 from Basler provides you with the speed you need, the size you want and the price you’ll love. Namely, it combines the unbeatably small format of 12 ace 2 Basic camera models with 5x faster data transfer, and perfectly matched hardware and software components from their 5GigE portfolio.

Reliable and meticulously tested 5GigE vision products ensure smooth and efficient operation of your application, reduce the installation time and effort, and reduce system costs.

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Check out benefits of vision system solution 5GigE

Vision system solution 5GigE Basler
  • 5x faster data transfer in the extra small ace 2 format;
  • Reliable market-proven pylon Camera Software Suite, tailored for 5GigE vision systems;
  • Perfectly coordinated vision system components, including hardware and software;
  • 1:1 replacement for existing GigE vision systems – unchanged Setup, no additional hardware required;
  • Easy upgrade from USB 3.0 systems;
  • Low overall system costs due to attractively priced combination of small-format camera and 5x data rate;
  • Higher throughput for increased efficiency and profitability of your application enabled by speed;
  • Saving money and time on the account of single sourcing while selecting, purchasing and integrating all vision components;
  • Reliable, meticulously tested vision products with optimized price/performance ratio.

Take advantage of harmoniously designed 5GigE components

Basler’s wide 5GigE portfolio with perfectly coordinated vision components ensures smooth and efficient operation of your vision application, reduces the installation time and effort, as well as system costs.

The portfolio includes:

5 GigE performance in an unbeatably small format: 12 ace 2 Basic camera models with Sony’s Pregius S sensors and resolutions from 5 to 24 megapixels.

Choose your matching high-speed sugar cube as a 1:1 replacement for your existing GigE system or as the ideal choice for your new vision setup.

Premium C23 and C11 Lenses from Basler offer the perfect optical compliment to your 5GigE system. They provide the ideal match to the ace 2 Basic camera models and their respective sensor resolutions.

10GigE Interface Card from Basler enables the ideal image acquisition from your ace 2 camera.

High-quality, robust GigE and I/O cables provide the stable data transmission necessary for optimal system setup. Cable lengths of up to 100 m enable the greatest possible placement flexibility in the factory environment and wherever large distances need to be bridged.

pylon offers seamless plug-and-play integration and easy implementation for all 5GigE components with the new GigE Vision Improvement (GEVI) version as the overarching SDK.

The pylon Camera Software Suite ensures the best performance of all Basler products with a range of intelligent image processing functions known as pylon vTools. Available for Windows, Linux and Linux ARM.

Additional perfectly matched components are available to meet your individual setup needs, including network and peripheral devices, tripod connectors, mount adapters, or trigger boards.

Vision system solution 5GigE Basler

Use 5GigE solutions for your application

Components of Vision system solution 5GigE

You can use the Vision System Solution across many fields:

  • Factory automation: Image processing is being implemented in a growing range of industrial fields. It continues to evolve to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of applications such as AOI, robot guiding, or PCB, wafer and bonding inspection.
  • Agriculture: Computer vision helps drive the development of agricultural automation for small field farming. By automating observations and quantifying growth conditions, you can use environmental information to predict growth. Thereby you achieve lower costs and higher efficiency, while operating 24/7.
  • Sports and motion analysis: Advanced computer vision technology is widely used in sports analysis to enhance the audience’s experience and to provide efficient feedback to athletes.

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Application of Vision system solution 5GigE

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