The smallest UniStream PLC controller

The Unistream 5″ PLC controller  is the smallest controller of the award-winning Unitronics UniStream series. It brings new solutions for applications with limited space. It is available with built-in I/Os, but their number can also be extended to a DIN rail. The same input-output modules can be connected to the PLC controller as to the other members of the Unitronics UniStream series.

Exploit scalability and communication options

The Unistream 5″ PLC controller Unitronics can be extended to a DIN rail using the UAG-CX-XKP125 (1.25 m) or UAG-CX-XKP300 (3 m) adapters.

Further expansion (eg., DIN rail in the next row) is possible with the classic UAG-XP and UAG-XPL adapters.

The controller has a built-in 1 x Ethernet, 1 x USB and 1 x Mini-B USB port. Serial and CANbus ports can be added with UAG-CX modules.

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UniStream 5 Series PLC Unitronics features
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