Laser sensor Micro-Epsilon for fast applications

Micro-Epsilon is the top manufacturer of high-quality contactless measurement sensors. The optoNCDT 1750 laser sensor is a triangulation laser sensor designed for precise and high-speed measurements in the industrial environments.

Compact and powerful laser sensor

The Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 1750 laser sensor features compact design with integrated controller. This enables you a straightforward, rapid mounting and wiring. Due to its extremely compact size, you can easily integrate the laser sensor into restricted installation space.

The high-performance optical components create an extremely small laser dot that enables extremely precise and accurate measurements.

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Advanced technology for optimal measurements

Laser sensor optoNCDT 1750 Micro-Epsilon

The main advantage of this laser sensor is its real-time surface compensation feature (RTSC), enabling its operation almost regardless of the material and color. The RTSC determines the amount of reflection from the target surface during continuous exposure and in real-time. The exposure time or the amount of light produced by the laser is optimally matched to the reflection characteristics of the target surface.

With the RTSC, you’ll be able to provide extremely reliable measurements even on reflecting surfaces.

Laser sensor advantages that will convince you

  • Built for high speed processes, due to high measuring rates up to 7.5 kHz
  • Improved evaluation algorithms for high resolution and linearity (only 0.06 % FSO)
  • Compact size
  • Selectable type of measured material for increased measurement speed and accuracy
  • Adjustable laser power
  • Same dimensions as in its predecessor for easy transition and assembly
  • Predefined and individual presets in web interface for fast configuration and real-time measurement results
Laser sensor optoNCDT 1750 Micro-Epsilon

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Laser sensor optoNCDT 1750 Micro-Epsilon

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