I/O modules for efficient line control

Turck’s TBEN-L I/O modules will convince you with their multi-protocol support, as they will help you to establish communication with EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet networks. I/O modules can also be used as protocol converters to connect and establish communication between lines with different communication standards. The modules also offer you two-way data flow, which will make it easier for you to communicate between master controllers. This will make it easy to capture data from the entire line and effectively manage the entire process.

Automate with robust IP67 I/O modules

Turck offers you the robust model version of Turck’s TBEN-L modules which will allow you to use it in the most difficult environments. The I/O modules have an additionally reinforced fiberglass housing that is resistant to vibration and shock. The electronics in the module is completely sealed, which enables a degree of protection of IP67.

Due to the high level of protection, you will be able to integrate I/O modules directly on the production line. Higher temperature resistance allows them to be used in applications where the temperature ranges between -40 °C and +70 °C. Such temperatures cause problems for most third-party I/O modules.

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Scale functionalities of I/O modules

You can also add various logic functions to the modules and integrate them into the line as stand-alone Field Logic Controllers or FLCs. The logic functions provided by the modules include arithmetic, time and counting functions, as well as binary switching functions.

TBEN-L modules also offer support for the ARGEE online software environment, with which you can remotely write, run, simulate, test and control the program code of the modules.

Be impressed by the features

  • Quality housing – resistant to vibrations and deformations
  • High level of protection: IP65/IP67/IP69K
  • Wide operating temperature range: from -40 °C to +70 °C
  • Ethernet multi-protocol support : TCP, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET
  • Support for the ARGEE web software environment
  • Possibility of use as a stand-alone area logic controller (FLC)

Install the module with ease

Multiprotocol I/O modules scheme Turck
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Publish data to a web server for additional diagnostics
  • Automatic recognition of the communication protocol at startup
  • Supported protocol functions: PROFINET: Fast Start-Up (FSU), EtherNet/IP: QuickConnect (QC), PROFINET: Media Redundancy (MRP) EtherNet/IP: Device Level Ring (DLR)
  • All outputs switch up to 2 A (also generic I/O)
  • Improved grounding concept (support busbars and I/O part of the module are separate)

Other advantages offered by I/O modules

Save on storage costs, reduce implementation time, and shorten startup times. You will also save due to the uniform connection of devices to the I/O module which is based on a standard 3-pin cable.

The I/O modules will allow you to configure your machine at any time. During machine process changes, you will be able to replace devices connected to the module, even while the machine is running. This will make your production line much more flexible.

With the help of the I/O module, you will always know the condition of the machine. It will also provide you with diagnostic information about errors. This will make it easier for you to carry out preventive maintenance and implement appropriate measures in a timely manner.

TBEN-L I/O modules Turck

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IP67 I/O modules Turck

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