3D Machine Vision Photoneo

Photoneo is a Slovak manufacturer of 3D machine vision equipment. With their products, they are ranked among the 50 best companies that dictate the development of technology in the European Union. They also convinced companies from the famous Silicon Valley in California.

3D machine vision for all robots

We are proud to announce that Photoneo has decided to cooperate with Tipteh d.o.o. for the implementation of their advanced solutions for 3D machine vision in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

We have convinced Photoneo with our knowledge in the field of machine vision and many successfully completed projects. We will be happy to help you integrate their 3D machine vision equipment into compatible robots from leading manufacturers.

3D Machine Vision Photoneo

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3D Machine Vision solutions Photoneo

In their 3D machine vision solutions, Photoneo has used 3D area sensors that capture high-resolution images at a resolution of 3.2 MP. The absolute accuracy of the image is less than 25 µm, which speaks in favor of the accuracy of the captured images.

Photoneo scanners are based on an NVIDIA Maxwell graphics processor with 256 NVIDIA CUDA cores. These implement algorithms for detecting 3D objects, which will allow you to manipulate the detected objects and ensure a higher level of quality. With this information, you will be able to teach robots the exact location of objects and navigation in space.

Features that will impress you:

  • Leading sensory technology for accuracy and performance
  • Less sensitivity to room lighting
  • Greater depth of captured images
  • Rigid carbon fiber housing, for stable scanner calibration
  • NVIDIA graphics processor, for powerful algorithm execution
  • 3D scanner with the best price-performance ratio on the market
  • Advanced API software
  • Compatible with leading robot manufacturers Yaskawa, Mitsubishi Electric, Universal Robots, Omron, Staubi, Fanuc, Kuka and ABB
3D Machine Vision Photoneo

5 models specifically designed for different scan distances. Click here to choose the right one for your needs.

3D Machine Vision – Let’s teach robots to see

One of the most typical examples of using a Photoneo PhoXi 3D scanner is integration with a robot in the process of sequentially picking up randomly positioned objects from a container. The image shows the operation of the robot and the Photoneo 3D scanner.

Thanks to the versatile flexibility of the 3D scanner and the possibility of integration with various robots, other custom solutions can also be created.

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