is the leading European manufacturer of industrial counting and control components.

Hengstler provides you with encoders, printers, counters and relays, adapted exactly to your industrial applications.

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Empower control and counting in your applications

Take advantage of Hengstler’s vast offer of either “standard” or customised components in a wide variety of industrial applications.

  • Rotary Encoders

  • Counters

  • Relays

  • Printers

  • Cutters

  • Accessories

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Customers around the globe appreciate Hengstler’s extensive experience and competent service, their broad application know-how and their high flexibility, which is a result of their vast offer of different product variants. Moreover, they can support their customers effectively by offering tailor-made application projects.

Hengstler drives innovation in the areas of field instrumentation, transportation, sensing, product realization, automation, and franchise distribution. They are also a competent partner in the fields of: engineering, production, assembly, PCB configuration, customizing, and worldwide support.

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Learn more about Hengstler

Hengstler was founded over 150 years ago with the mass production of gong springs for clocks. As the decades passed, the company introduced products as counters, printers, cutters, relays and rotary encoders that formed the basis of the company’s business today and the experience of Hengstler.

Since 2016 Hengstler belongs to the American Fortive, a focused industrial growth company driving innovation in the areas of field instrumentation, transportation, sensing, product realization, automation and specialty, and franchise distribution.

Through their international distribution channels, Hengstler provides products across all the globe.

Hengstler offers you a broad range of components for counting, metering, controlling, regulating, measuring, switching, printing, cutting under one name – and one source. Nevertheless, you can benefit from additional flexibility thanks to a large number of adapted variants and customized products.

Their products are widely used in industrial automation, energy management, machine building, medicine, petrochemistry, process industry, transportation, retail, banking, oil & gas industry, motorfeedback, and more.

For their customers, Hengstler is providing: application specific consultancy, customer-specific manufacturing, one piece flow, fair value for money, short delivery times, high availability and 48-hour repair service.

As project administration for tailor-made applications is one of Hengstler’s key strengths, they offer you seamless support from initial project planning and development through to the completed product.

Hengstler products are manufactured to order, in other words, they do not stockpile standard products: they are manufactured after the customer’s order has been received and to specification. In the production cells, each product is manufactured as a complete unit one after the other. The necessary parts are also manufactured to order either in-house or outsourced in accordance with a Japanese principle that keeps warehouse costs to a minimum. The supplier delivers the required quantity at the appointed time and to the agreed location and at the required, inspected quality level.

They also strive to design all their products and production processes through to final disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.

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