Blue Danube Robotics

Blue Danube Robotics focuses on safe human – robot collaboration in mass production.

Their equipment offers you safety solutions to easily transform your industrial robots to collaborate with humans safely at high speeds. They also provide equipment for Cobots and End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT).

Blue Danube Robotics - Full power of industrial automation

Tactile Safety Solutions

Enable fenceless robotic automation

Blue Danube Robotics offers you patented AIRSKIN®, a sturdy, pressure sensitive skin that you can easily mount directly onto the robot. It is available for almost any standard industrial robot and application and provides the only solution for End of Arm Tooling (EOAT).

Although they focus on palletizing, visual inspection and screw driving applications, they also provide you with their expertise and create solutions to satisfy your other needs to the fullest. They have developed own production method for mass manufacturing of AIRSKIN® and a lot-size-1 3D printing process of creating airtight, soft TPU pads.

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Make human – robot collaboration safe

Do you desire practical and flexible safety solutions for robots and grippers? Do you desire to go fenceless and you are uncertain about feasibility and normative situation?

The AIRSKIN collision sensor from Blue Danube Robotics is a comprehensive safety cover for robots and grippers. It is quickly installed and connects directly to the robot controller instead of a safety fence and thus enables collaborative applications. It operates on the highest safety level. The system is ISO 13849 Cat. 3/PLe safety certified and ideal for ISO/TS 15066 compliant applications.

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Blue Danube Robotics offers also pressure sensitive, PLe / Cat. 3 safety certified AIRSKIN® Module pads. You can quickly mount their modular pads that come in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses on your robot via Easy-On magnetic safety mount.

This way you can increase safety of your robot, AGV or any other moving machinery, to perfectly meet your safety requirements.

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