Optical distance sensor for logistics

Optical distance sensor of the ODS 10 series from Leuze measures distance against a non-cooperating target and makes the information available as a measurement value. Take advantage of the highest level of accuracy that is almost fully independent of the material.

Choose between 2 measurement versions

Two versions of optical distance sensor are available to you:

  • ODS 10 is an extremely tolerant optical distance sensor. It measures distances up to 8 m (against a reflector, operating ranges up to 25 m are achieved) and has an analog current or voltage output. It also features an additional digital “I /O link” output.
  • HT 10 is a diffuse sensor with background suppresion. It detects objects up to 8 m, and features three adjustable digital outputs.

These distance sensors boast a large power reserve, which allows you to reliable measure various materials such as wood, metal, matte objects, luminous objects, …

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Main advantages of the ODS 10 series

Optical distance sensor ODS10 Leuze
  • IP67 protection for use in demanding environments,
  • OLED display shows the measured distance,
  • Status LED indicators on top and front allow detection of switching state from afar,
  • Compact housing,
  • Recess for M4 bolts enables the installation of this device using just one tool, while no tools are required for locking of nuts and screws
  • Suitable for a temperature range from -40 °C to +60 °C,
  • Available with 3 Different connection options:
    • Rotatable M12 connection,
    • space-saving cable outlet,
    • pigtail.

Optical distance sensor applications

  • Crate presence detection and measurement of objects in high-rack warehouses,
  • Collision protection for transport vehicles,
  • Fill-level monitoring,
  • Collision protection of cranes and gantry cranes,
  • Suspension control for winding machines,
  • Load positioning with shuttles,
  • Push-through protection,
  • Shelf positioning, single or multi-depth.

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