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With 90+ years of tradition, products of West Control Solutions provide accuracy, stability, reliability and quality, so you can easily use them in applications where high levels of precision are required.

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West Control Solutions products will help you control processes and temperature in industries such as Plastics, Ovens and Furnaces, Packaging, Food and Beverage, Life Science and so on.

  • Single Loop Controllers

  • Multi-Loop Controllers

  • Limit Controllers

  • Process Indicators

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Choose the right controller for your application

West Control Solutions products are reliable and easy-to-use. You can choose the perfect solution to automate your process.

If a system requires a single loop, then a single loop controller can be used to control the process. These instruments can range from the very basic – single, manual, setpoint changes, through to sophisticated profilers which have the capability to execute multiple setpoint changes over a specified period of time.

Single-loop controllers are also often referred to as front-of-panel (FTP) controllers. These controllers provide a clear display on the front of the controller which is used to set up the controller and make program changes.

Multi-loop controllers are generally mounted behind the panel and programmed using a software which transfers settings to the multi-loop  controller. If you use a multi-loop controller rather than multiple single loop controllers you can:

  • reduce installation costs due to having one common connection point,
  • minimize the wiring and panel cut outs,
  • reduces machine downtime because controllers can be changed without powering down the system (hot-swap)

Limit controllers are used to control applications where independent limit switching for over or under temperature is required. If the pre-set temperature limit is exceeded, then the output switches to shut down the system. A limit controller is often used in conjunction with a loop controller.

It will generally accept a variety of inputs such as thermocouple, RTD, or process inputs, then allowing for high or low temperature inputs to be set. Limit controllers are used in a variety of applications, particularly industrial ovens and furnaces applications as well as by the life science industry.

West Control Solutions’ process indicators can be used to display temperature or other process information such as pressure, flow and humidity. The indicators are available in a variety of panel format sizes.

Most application requirements can be met by the flexible options available, some can also retransmit current process data to other field devices. All West Control Solutions’ indicators have UL approval.

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