is the world-leading integrator of support arms, control panels, air conditioners and control systems.

Teknokol‘s wide range of products is recognized around the globe, and their high-quality is certified by many international testing laboratories.

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Support Arm and Control Panel Systems

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Teknokol continuously improves their products, using knowledge gained from 18+ years of certification testing. They understand the needs of industries they serve and they can therefore help you find the perfect solution to better control your processes.

  • Support Arm Systems

  • Operator Control Panel & HMI Enclosure Systems

  • Kiosk & Stand Systems

  • Keyboard Systems
  • Coupling Towers
  • Control Panel Air Conditioners

  • LED Signal Lights
  • Accessories

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Teknokol’s vision is to create a world brand by continually improving their products and themselves while providing you with high quality products and consistent and satisfactory level of support.

They want to become your preferred long term business partner, help you organize work processes more efficiently and help you make a difference with their talents and their innovative technology.

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