is an international leading manufacturer of top-quality Low Voltage Switchgear.

Benedict offers you reliable and secure industrial switching solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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Benedict covers high-quality low voltage switchgear in numerous variations for countless applications.

  • Contactors

  • Switches

  • Overload Relays

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Manual motor Starters

  • Push Buttons

  • Photovoltaic DC-Isolators

  • Variable resistors

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Benedict GmbH has been producing and developing high-quality reliable low-voltage switchgear since 1920. They are market leaders for Capacitor Switching Contactors and global No1 in PFC industries. Their extensive range of switchgear was certified to the international ISO9001/EN29001 standards in 1991.

Benefit from Benedicts’s switching solutions wherever control, protection and isolation of electrical equipment are crucial e.g.,  throughout electric utility transmission and distribution systems as well as in medium to large sized commercial or industrial facilities.

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Benedict Switchgear

Benedict’s team of skilled technicians and support personnel is always happy to work closely with the customer to develop a new version of product that best meets the customer’s exact specifications.

Thanks to their pioneering work in development and research, Benedict became a global market leader and trendsetter in the manufacturing of niche products. Their expertise and special equipment enable them to create individual solutions for their international partners.

240 employees ensure that the latest technological developments are continuously incorporated into Benedict’s products. Innovation is a part of their daily routine, allowing them a quick reaction to market requirements.

In Benedict, they have always been proud of the quality of their products. All their devices are certified to the international ISO9001/EN29001 standards and comply not only with important national regulations but alsdo the applicable international standards such as IEC, UI, CCC and EAC. So not only do they fulfil the highest quality standards, you can use their devices worldwide.

Benedict’s customers around the globe can always rely on extremely the fast and reliable deliveries, due to a perfectly coordinated network of international partners and quick decision-making of a privately owned and managed company. This also applies in the case of custom-made switching solutions.

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