is the world renown manufacturer of machine vision components.

Basler offers you top-quality machine vision cameras and accessories, so you can develop industrial automation applications.

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The power of sight

Give applications the power of sight

Basler produces high-quality machine vision cameras and accessories for a wide variety of applications.

  • Area Scan Cameras

  • Line Scan Cameras

  • Network Cameras

  • 3D Cameras

  • PowerPacks

  • Embedded Vision Kits
  • pylon Software

  • Frame grabbers

  • Trigger boards

  • Lenses & Cables

  • Additional Accessories

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Make processes easier with Basler products

As a specialist in machine vision, Basler develops components for machine vision applications that make your systems more efficient and processes easier and smoother. Regardless whether these processes are in factory automation, medicine, transport, traffic and logistics or the retail market.

Basler’s broad knowledge and decades of insight driven machine vision innovation are reflected in the highest quality of their products. They are all tested to meet strict quality standards, ensuring consistently strong performance and reliability.

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More about Basler

Basler has been recognised as outstanding, particularly adaptable, and highly global-oriented example for the courage and innovative strength. It is motivated by the needs and wishes of their customers. Their strengths arise from their value-based corporate culture, which makes them a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers, service providers and employees.

The Basler Group is home to approximately 800 employees at its headquarters in Germany, and at other locations in Europe, Asia and North America. Their worldwide sales organization is available to help you make the right choice and to find the right imaging components for your individual vision application.

Basler has one of the largest ranges of imaging components in the industry with the right products for almost any application. Benefit from them in factory automation, medical, traffic, logistics, retail, robotics, and more.

In addition to their strong sales team, Basler offers comprehensive tools to assist you in your research and decision-making process for suitable components for your vision system.

The highest-quality of products and broad knowledge make Basler the global market and technology leader of imaging components for computer vision. It is also the most trusted brand in industrial cameras field.

They provide matching, certified vision components, with regular function and interoperability tests.

Basler offers broad and harmonized product porfolio with time-saving tools to configure and select components. They also offer you professional consulting before and after your buying decision.

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  • pylon-vtools featured

Basler pylon vTools software package

Basler pylon 7.4 update provides comprehensive software support for machine vision, including support for the newest boost V CXP-12 cameras. Tools within the vTools package will improve your machine vision applications.

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