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is the leading provider of machine vision products and solutions.

Adaptive Vision enables machine builders, vision systems integrators and industrial end-users to solve machine vision problems across a wide range of industries.

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AV Studio

AV Studio is the most powerful data-flow based graphical software on the market, designed for machine vision engineers.

AV Studio requires no programming skills, yet, it is so powerful that it wins even with solutions based on low-level programming libraries. This has been proved with some of the most interesting vision systems in the world.

The architecture of AV Studio is highly flexible, ensuring that you can easily adapt the product to the way you work and to specific requirements of any project.

AV Studio enables you to work much faster than with low-level programming and to get everything you need for high-performance industrial image analysis.

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Adaptive Vision Software Library

AV Library

AV Library is a modern C++ and .NET library created for industrial image analysis applications.

There are over 1000 functions for general image processing as well as high-level tools for such tasks as template matching, measurements or code reading.

AV Library gives you instant access to the highest quality, well optimized and field-tested code that you need for your machine vision projects!

Deep Learning Add-on

Deep Learning Add-on is a breakthrough set of ready-made tools that are trained to detect defects or features automatically. Large neural network structures are provided to you as simple filters with few parameters, and with easy-to-use graphical tools for convenient execution of the training process.

Deep Learning Add-on can be used even by users with no programming skills.

Deep Learning Add-on unleashes advanced capabilities of neural networks.

Deep learning models can be retrained to include new features.

Under the hood, Deep Learning Add-on uses WEAVER, a high-performance industrial-grade inference engine for machine vision. Being a fully commercial product WEAVER assures industrial grade quality and long-term support.

Adaptive Vision - Deep Learning Add-on

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Give your computers the ability to see

As a specialist in machine vision field, Adaptive Vision gives your computers the ability to see. By providing imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for  applications such as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance, they solve real world problems in a way that meets the requirements of industrial automation and similar application areas.

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