Contactless measurement

Contactless measurement with 3D machine vision allows you to quickly, accurately and repeatably measure and control products of various shapes and dimensions! It represents an innovative measuring system that has been created as a result of cooperation between two leading companies in their field, Photoneo and Adaptive Vision.

Fast and flexible contactless measurement

With its 3D machine vision equipment, Photoneo effectively takes care of greater efficiency and optimization of product manufacturing and assembly processes. They are indispensable especially in the automotive, logistics and electronics industries, as well as in food and medicine.

Company Adaptive Vision , with its superior software enables quick and easy creation of application logic machine vision. You can take advantage of the library of preset modules and instead of the details of the programming language, you prefer to deal with optimizing the logic of the machine vision application.

Fast contactless measurement with many control points

The measuring system will allow you to control the subjects faster. You will have an advantage especially in the case when you need to measure several control points on the measured object, e.g. when checking the flatness of the surface.

You will not need to move the subject or measuring system to perform accurate measurements. Therefore, the mechanical layout of the entire measuring system and the subject’s service will be much easier for you.

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Examples of contactless measurements

Conventional measurements performed with classical contact measurement methods are usually time-consuming and inflexible. With the measuring system for non-contact 3D measurement with machine vision, you will perform measurements unreasonably faster .

(A) Point cloud captured by 3D scanner

Contactless Measurement With 3D Machine Vision

(B) Point cloud in the software environment

Contactless Measurement With 3D Machine Vision

(C) Precise control of points in the cloud

Contactless Measurement With 3D Machine Vision

Properties of contactless measurements

There are different sizes of Photoneo PhoXi 3D scanners available. By choosing, you will be able to adjust the maximum volume of system control to your needs. The range of the control surface is between 118 x 78 mm and 1954 x 1459 mm.

The flexible measuring system will enable you to perform contactless measurements of products of various shapes and dimensions. In doing so, however, you will still be able to rely on high accuracy and repeatability of measurements. You can transfer captured measurements via various communication protocols, such as Modbus, TCP/IP, PROFINET.

Contactless Measurement With 3D Machine Vision

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Contactless Measurement With 3D Machine Vision

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