3D Camera for Machine Vision – MotionCam-3D

3D camera from Photoneo, the MotionCam-3D, is the world’s highest resolution camera that will allow you accurate and fast capturing of robust 3D images of static and dynamic objects! Use it to optimize your production and assembly processes.

3D camera for machine vision with the highest resolution

The MotionCam-3D, the 3D machine vision camera is a key piece of Photoneo 3D machine vision equipment. With its equipment, this top company takes care of greater efficiency and optimization of production and assembly processes. Their cameras are indispensable especially in the automotive, logistics and electronics industries, as well as in food and medicine.

With a usable range of 36 cm to 3 m, the MotionCam-3D is suitable for a wide range of applications. It brings a combination of highly accurate 3D data and the ability to scan in motion. You can use it across many industries, in logistics and elsewhere.

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Capture detailed point clouds

3D Camera for Machine Vision Photoneo

The MotionCam-3D machine vision camera has received numerous awards for its innovation. It will allow you to quickly, robustly and accurately capture 3D images of objects!

With its patented parallel structured light technology, it captures detailed point clouds of fast-moving objects. Unlike a stereo or ToF camera, there is no compromise between the capture speed and the quality of the captured images.

Don’t compromise on speed and reliability!

Thanks to the parallel structured light technology 3D, this camera is not sensitive to vibrations, ambient light and reduction of sharpness at the expense of movement. So you can count on it to ensure you image capturing without distortion and other artifacts, even in changing conditions.

The Photoneo MotionCam-3D also received the IERA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics and Automation) award in 2020, which, according to the manufacturer Photoneo, is one of the most important awards in the world of robotics.

3D Camera for Machine Vision Photoneo

Key features of the 3D camera for machine vision

3D Camera for Machine Vision Photoneo

5 different sizes – each for its own type of application

  • Resolution 0.9 Mpx for dynamic and 2 Mpx for static objects,
  • The speed captures up to 20 frames / second,
  • Capture images of objects in motion up to a speed of 40 m / s,
  • The area covers from 343 x 507 mm to 1836 x 2495 mm (depending on the camera model),
  • IP65 housing,
  • PoE power supply.

Powerful and robust 3D camera for machine vision

The Photoneo MotionCam-3D is enhanced by a powerful GPU that can process as much as 15 million 3D dots/second. Image processing and reconstruction of point clouds is done in a 3D camera and does not burden the computer with which it is connected. This will give you all the processing power needed to analyze the captured point clouds.

Due to protection class IP65, the 3D camera is suitable for demanding industrial environments. The possibility of power supply via a network cable (PoE) up to 30 meters long will simplify installation in such environments.

3D Camera for Machine Vision Photoneo

Set parameters quickly and easily

With the free PhoXi Control software, you can set up the Photoneo MotionCam-3D machine vision camera quickly and easily. Among other things, the software environment will allow you to set various operating parameters and view and save the captured point clouds.

Similar to the Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner , the MotionCam-3D camera is supported in Adaptive Vision Studio , Halcon, LabView, and Matrox Imaging development environments .

Advanced users and system integrators also have APIs for the C ++ and C # programming languages.

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