is a leading provider of remote maintenance IIoT solutions used by Machine Builders, Integrators and Manufacturers worldwide.

Secomea serves 8.000+ customers globally and 400.000+ machines and PLC’s are equipped with the Secomea Solution.

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Your Industrial IoT Solution for Remote Maintenance

Use Secomea for remote maintenance tasks

Secomea is your industrial IoT solution to cover all aspects from remote access to cloud analytics.

  • Industrial remote access
  • Machine data collection
  • Remote access SaaS solutions

  • Industrial IoT gateways

  • Access management servers

  • Remote access clients
  • Data collection cloud

  • Accessories and addons

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Implement secure remote maintenance

Secomea is headquartered in Denmark with offices in China, Japan and USA. Through an network of 70+ distributors they provide service and support for Machine Builders, Manufacturers, Utility, Building Automation and other industries.

Secomea continuously tailors their advanced Industrial IoT Solutions to the needs of the market. Their simple and secure turnkey platform allows data collection and remote access, enabling machine administrators to perform all corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance remotely.

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Secomea’s main advantages

More about Secomea

Secomea’s engineers are driven by innovation and agile development, continuously pushing the limits of R&D in close cooperation with their technology partners and customers. They have dedicated themselves to helping businesses leverage the power of Industrial IoT.

By automating communication between equipment and operating systems, the Secomea solution meets the demands of Industry 4.0 and opens industrial solutions in all verticals to new possibilities.

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  • data Collection Module Secomea

Data Collection Module, Secomea

Use the DCM not only to collect data from your devices connected to the SiteManager, but to process it, optimize it, and store it in the IoT cloud!

  • Secomea dashboard remote maintenance

Remote maintenance in industry

Benefit from the remote maintenance for access, active control and management of the devices to ensure more efficient industrial operation.

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