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Reliable pressure and level measurement.

With this single competency in mind, BD Sensors company is the universal supplier of a huge range of products ranging from electronic measuring instruments on the one hand, to the most precise data evaluation and display technology on the other.

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Pressure measurement at the highest level.

Measure pressure with high precision

BD Sensors is a global leader in pressure and hydrostatic level measurement equipment. Their products can be used in a variety of industries and can solve all sorts of challenges.

  • Pressure measurement equipment
  • Submersible level probes

  • Evaluation devices and displays

  • Level calibration services

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Cooperate with a credible company

BD Sensors is a family run company and they create customer-oriented pressure and level measurement solutions. They treat their partners and employees in a healthy and sustainable way. This is one of the main reason how the company achieved great credibility and stability.

Although the company operates globally, it stands by its location in Upper Franconia in North Eastern Bavaria and focuses on the idea „Made in Germany“. Their affiliate in the Czech Republic, as well as their subsidiaries in China and Russia all benefit the company.

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