Top-quality Signal lights and Tower lights

Signal lights and Tower lights portfolio from Auer Signal offers you a wide range of high quality signaling devices for every application. You can mount them horizontally, vertically, on a wall, on a pipe or magnetically.

Durable signal lights in 6 colours

The wide range of strobe-, continuous-, flashing- and rotating lights from Auer Signal includes all from small Ø 30 mm to large, 300 x 300 mm lights.

You can use these panel mount or surface mount products outside in the sun, wind and rain.

Impact-resistant, vandal-proof, temperature-resistant, colour-fast and UV-stabilised polycarbonate and special LED lights will last without any maintenance.

The standard offer also includes Ex-safe models of light signal devices.

Signal lights and Tower lights Auer Signal

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Pre-assembled or custom tower lights for all applications

Signal lights and Tower lights Auer Signal

Tower lights / Tower stack lights communicate the condition of the machines visually and audibly. Mounted on a machine, production line or electrical cabinet, they provide clear signalling even from a greater distance.

You can choose among 12 different stacks, light modules in 6 colors and 1-10 light modules on one stack. Tower lights are available with diameters ranging from 30 mm up to 70 mm.

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Signal lights and Tower lights Auer Signal

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