Smallest draw-wire sensors

The draw-wire sensors from MT series from Micro-Epsilon are the smallest draw-wire sensors worldwide. They are designed for linear displacement measurement, specifically for industrial applications where high wire accelerations occur. Benefit from their easy and fast mounting into the smallest spaces.

High-speed and compact draw-wire sensors

Robust miniature MT series draw-wire sensors are the smallest draw-wire sensors worldwide. They are designed specifically for test applications where high wire accelerations occur such as crash tests. Their robust aluminum housing makes them suitable for industrial applications and enables you installation into the space-limited environment. Through-bores in the housing support easy, fast mounting.

They are equipped with a potentiometer.

These dynamic sensors enable linear displacement measurements at accelerations of up to 60G. They complement a wide range of remaining draw-wire sensors of the MT and MP series, designed for measurement tasks with fast wire movements.

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Properties of MT series draw-wire sensors

The measuring ranges of three sensors from the MT series are 40 mm, 80 mm and 130 mm. The smallest sensor achieves a linearity of up to 1% of the measuring range, and the remaining two of up to 0.4% FSO. Analog models with resistor output are available.

These draw-wire sensors are not suitable for extremely humid environments, but they feature IP50 resistance against dust. They are very easy to use and, compared to similar competition models, they offer smallest sensor design and measurements of extremely high accelerations.

Use wire-sensors in various of applications

Draw-wire displacement sensors from MT series are ideal for test applications, especially in crash tests, simulators and testing devices. One possible application is the measurement of vibration displacement on the wheels of laboratory test vehicles.

They are used in parallel with the solution to reduce vibration, for the analysis of different road conditions. They provide information on vibration velocity and acceleration.

Miniature draw-wire sensors Micro-Epsilon

Meet other Micro-Epsilon’s draw-wire sensors

Miniature draw-wire sensors Micro-Epsilon

Micro-Epsilon offers you four series of draw-wire sensors:

  • The MT and MP series for high-speed displacement measurements in applications with fast wire movements
  • The MK series for industrial serial applications in indoor and outdoor use, e.g. in mobile machines, cranes and lifting technology
  • The P series for industrial applications provide measuring ranges up to 50 m; analog versions with potentiometer, current or voltage output, as well as digital versions with incremental or absolute encoders are available
  • The Mechanics series offers easy mounting of an incremental or absolute encoder and individual selection of the interface, resolution and connection type

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Miniature draw-wire sensors Micro-Epsilon

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