M8 and M12 ultrasonic sensors Turck

Turck is expanding its RU-U ultrasonic sensor portfolio with ten types in M8 and M12 designs with particularely short blind zones. Use them for covering large sensing ranges with fewer sensor variants.

Ten miniature ultrasonic sensors in M8 and M12 designs

Turck has expanded its RU-U family of ultrasonic sensors with ten miniature ultrasonic sensors in M8 and M12 designs. The M12 sensors are provided with an analog output and also a switching output with a switch range that always adjusts to the set measuring range limits of the analog output.

Thanks to their compact IP67 design and narrow sonic cone, benefit from both M8 and M12 sensors in small applications with restricted mounting conditions.

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The ultrasonic sensor – where other sensors fail

ultrasonic sensors RU Turck M8-M12

An ultrasonic sensor is the best solution when space is limited. It is suitable for applications in which the sensor is used for distance or similar measurements. The ultrasonic sensor features many benefits compared to optical sensor: e.g., the former is insensitive to dirt, dust and even water. This way, it provides you with reliable operation and accurate measurements also in the harsh environments. Ultrasonic sensor also detects objects regardless of their structure and color.

While the inductive sensor detects only metals, the ultrasonic sensor detects any medium. This also applies to plastics, making the ultrasonic sensor a step ahead of capacitive sensor. Like the optical sensor, the capacitive sensor is much more susceptible to dirt compared to the ultrasonic sensor.

A wide RU ultrasonic sensor portfolio covering all applications

M8 ultrasonic sensor

The RU10U-M8 ultrasonic sensors are available in four variants: as a diffuse mode (push-button) or opposed mode sensors each in PNP or NPN versions. The sensors have a range of 100 mm and a short blind zone of 20 mm.

M12 ultrasonic sensor

The RU20U-M12 and RU40U-M12 ultrasonic sensors with a 12 mm diameter are available in six variants: four variants have an analog output and two variants a switching output. The sensors with a switching output also come with integrated IO-Link functionality. You can choose between sensors with a 200 mm or 400 mm range; in both cases the blind zones are small and are only 20 mm or 40 mm.

ultrasonic sensors RU Turck M8-M12 application

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ultrasonic sensors RU Turck M8-M12

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