Industrial camera Basler ace U

The world-renowned manufacturer of industrial cameras Basler has expanded the portfolio of its most successful series of ace cameras with four high-resolution U-series models. Basler ace U-series industrial camera now offer a resolution of 20 MP.

Use high-resolution industrial cameras anywhere

The most powerful industrial U-series cameras feature the Sony IMX183 CMOS sensor Exmor R. With this advanced Sony sensor, the cameras will enable you a resolution of as much as 20 MP and a capture speed of 17 frames per second.

The industrial camera, with a 1″ sensor size, boasts a compact and robust 29 x 29 mm footprint. This allows you to install the camera in applications with limited space. The innovative BI (back-illuminated) sensor technology of the Sony IMX183 provides excellent sensitivity and low noise at a small pixel size of 2.4 µm, making this cameras ideal for accurate inspections of the finest structures.

industrial camera basler ace u

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industrial camera basler ace u

With the help of innovative BI (back-illuminated) technology, the industrial camera offers exceptional light sensitivity and is ideal for use in poor lighting conditions. Basler’s PGI technology ensures the elimination of unwanted image artifacts in both color and monochromatic models. PGI technology thus enables you quality analysis of images at the level of individual pixels.

The manufacturer has integrated a C-mount lens mount on the industrial camera. This allowed you to choose from a wide range of different lenses and customize the camera to the needs of the app.

All four models are available with tested GigE and USB 3.0 buses. The GigE models offer powerful GigE Vision 2.0 features such as PTP, which allows you to synchronize multiple cameras on an Ethernet network.

As with all Basler cameras, use and integration is extremely easy with the free Pylon Camera Software Suite.

Due to the combination of an advanced sensor and extremely small dimensions, the industrial camera is ideal for inspecting the finest structures in the production of printed circuit boards. It is also extremely useful in the production of high-resolution LCD screens, with a constantly increasing resolution. High-resolution industrial cameras, such as the Basler ace U-series cameras, are needed to control high-pixel LCD screens.

With the U-series ace camera, Basler provides you with reliable control of high-resolution screens with extremely high image quality and at a very attractive price.

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Industrial Camera Basler ace U, PCB AND LCD INSPECTION

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