Linear position sensor Li-Q25, shock-proof up to 200G

Turck has updated its contactless Li-Q25 linear position sensors and added Extended variants to their program. Take advantage of the improved shock resistance and sampling rate compared to alternative measuring systems. The enhanced Li-Q25 measure position values at a frequency of 5 kHz, at measuring lengths of up to 2 m.

Improved shock resistance and sampling rate

Turck’s engineers have updated the inductive measuring principle and improved shock resistance of their Li linear position sensors. They also improved the sampling rate compared to alternative measuring systems. With measuring lengths of up to 2 m, the Li sensors outperform magnetostrictive linear position sensors, which, due to their operating principle, sense at a slower rate as the measuring length increases.

Thanks to IP67 protection, the Extended series of the linear position sensors are not only resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as humidity and dirt. These devices reliably output a position signal when subject to vibration or shocks of up to 200G.

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Measure position values at a frequency of 5 kHz

The 5 kHz scan rate keeps positioning errors to a minimum – something that was previously unachievable in rugged applications. In this way, you can keep the measuring bar at a completely minimum positioning error.

Precision has also been further increased with a 16-bit D/A converter. The linear position sensors always supply their output signal twice; as a 0-10 V signal and as 4-20 mA signal. This allows you to connect diagnostic systems and also reduce the number of device variants to be kept in reserve.

Made for the most demanding tasks

With their immunity to magnetic fields, the Li linear position sensors are ideal for closed-loop control tasks in the metalworking industry, as the metal shavings accumulated here do not stick to the positioning element inducing linearity errors.

Thanks to their shock resistance, you can use them for position measurement in presses and punching machines without any problems, as well as in wood processing or injection molding machines.

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Turck linear position sensor Li Q25

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