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The Industrial Internet of Things represents one of the most important trends in automation and a key element of Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 platforms will change the manufacturing operations of companies.

Learn how to increase production efficiency

The essence of the industrial Internet of Things or IIoT is the data collection, exchange and analysis enabled by a connectivity of all elements (e.g., machine components, instruments, other devices) in the entire company.

Data processing potentially facilitates improvements in company’s efficiency and productivity. One of the effective ways to reduce operational costs is also predictive equipment maintenance.

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Implement predictive maintenance

Maintenance in production is roughly divided into pre- and post-failure maintenance. Post-failure (curative) maintenance is usually associated with a temporary downtime in manufacturing and high additional costs.

Pre-failure maintenance includes preventive routine or time-based maintenance recommended by the equipment manufacturer. However, in industry, predictive maintenance based on the actual condition of equipment, rather than average or expected life statistics, is gaining ground.

Plan and schedule maintenance

The condition-based maintenance is carried out as suggested by estimations of the degradation state of an item (e.g., tool, device, …). The main promise of such maintenance is to allow you convenient planning and scheduling of corrective maintenance (i.e., replacement or repair), without downtime.

It can be provided by periodic inspections of machines performed by our own or external contractors. You can also provide predictive maintenance by placing it on the Industrial Internet of Things to enable the real-time monitoring of your machines and online action.

Internet of Things - increase the efficiency of production

Meet the advantages of predictive maintenance

Internet of Things - increase the efficiency of production

less unplanned or random outages

repair before the damage occurs or reduce it,

plan of parts procurement – planning of spare parts and work procurement,

reduction of installation costs and complexity of classical data analysis,

use of the data to find the error cause and provision of reliable analysis,

instant alerts for better decisions and remote device management.

Take advantage of machine learning

The DXM network controller incorporated in the solution uses a machine learning algorithm to baseline values and set control limits for alerts with limited end-user interaction. It will create a warning light signal for each connected machine and define acute and chronic faults. You will be able to transfer the data and alerts collected on the DXM controller to the host controller or to the cloud for industrial internet of things connectivity. This will ensure you access and consequent analysis of the data, regardless of location.

The solution is suitable for industries with a large number of rotary devices involved in the process. For example: the paper, automotive and construction industries, metal working and many others.

Internet of Things - increase the efficiency of production

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