Infrared pyrometer for accurate temperature measurement

Infrared pyrometer (also infrared video thermometer) from Micro-Epsilon is used for temperature measurement in research and industry. It boasts sophisticated sensors and allows a parallel use of video sighting and crosshair laser aiming for an optimal measuring field adjustment even in processes with limited access. Take advantage of IR pyrometer especially in high-temperature applications.

Measure temperature without contact

Infrared pyrometer measures temperature by sensing the infrared energy which every object will radiate. Radiation depends on the object temperature and material type. As IR pyrometer allows non-contact temperature measurement, it is suitable for measuring tasks for which thermocouples or other types of contact sensors would be inadequate or not sufficiently precise.

Measurement with infrared pyrometer is extremely fast, its response time is from 1 ms up to 100 ms. Pyrometer also features a miniature measuring field, from as small as 0,5 mm.

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Exploit CSVideo pyrometer’s built-in camera

Each infrared pyrometer consists of the: lens that determines its measuring range, IR detector, signal amplifier and a display. In addition to the IR detector, the Micro-Epsilon  CSVideo M2  also features a built-in video module as visor assistance.

The module helps the user in directing the pyrometer. The user has an image on the screen at all times, with a clearly marked measuring area. This allows the user to have precise sensor control, especially in hard-to-reach and restricted spaces.

Measure a huge temperature range with ease

The CSVideo M2 pyrometer is suited for measuring temperatures within the range from 250 °C to 1600 °C. Due to the short wave-length of 1.6 µm, the sensor reliably measures temperature of hot metals, ceramics and composite materials, i.e. it is mainly used in the iron or metallurgical industry.

With the IR pyrometer, you will also receive software CompactConnect. It will allow you to easily save the measurements, analyse them graphicaly and to set pyrometer’s parameters.

Infrared pyrometer Micro-Epsilon

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Infrared pyrometer Micro-Epsilon

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