Vision130 PLC controller – less space, wiring and money

The Vision130 Programmable Logic Controller is a unique, palm-sized product that allows you to use a powerful PLC with an HMI display at minimal cost.

Save on space, wiring and money

Unitronics Vision130 PLC is a small palm-sized controller with a built-in display and keyboard. It supports up to 256 I/O signals (integrated + expansion modules). It includes a rich set of built-in functions such as self – configuring PID loops, data tables, remote access, and more.

The HMI display can display images, text, real-time graphs and histograms. Up to 1024 different screens, with up to 400 images can be used in one application. At the same time, the manufacturer also offers you the use of free VisiLogic software for more efficient controller programming.

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Check out the V130 controller features

Unitronics V130 PLC Controller features
  • I/O: on device +  expansion modules
  • I/O type: Digital (also encoder inputs and PWM outputs), Analog and Temperature
  • 512 kB Logical part, 256 kB images, 128 KB fonts
  • Cycle time: 20 µsec/1 K classic applications
  • Built-in self-adjusting PID loops
  • Recipes and data logging using Data Tables
  • 4″ black and white screen
  • Keyboard data entry
  • Up to 1024 user screens and 400 images per application
  • Picture library
  • Info mode: review/modification of I/O states and values ​​of variables via panel.
  • TCP/IP via Ethernet
  • GSM / SMS
  • Remote access via Remote Access
  • Supports MODBUS protocol
  • OPC/DDE server
  • COM door: 1 x RS232 / RS485; 2 expansion ports: 1 x Serial / Ethernet, 1x CANbus
  • Autotune PID– up to 24 built-in self-adjusting PID loops.
  • Data Tables– Use the Data Tables feature for dynamic data logging and recipe storage.
  • Easy recipe switching – easily switch between recipes or menus using the buttons. This allows immediate activation of the desired process via the HMI display.
  • Image Library –Simple HMI display design with built-in image library.
  • Info Mode– long press on the screen to switch to a special mode for controlling the controller
  • Encoderinputs – 10kHz inputs for connecting high-frequency meters, frequency meters and encoders.
  • Quick outputs –control of stepper motors or PID applications with PWM outputs.
  • Virtual keyboard– easy data entry via the built-in virtual keyboard.

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Unitronics V130 PLC Controller

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