Inductive displacement sensors

Micro-Epsilon offers you a wide range of inductive displacement and position sensors: from conventional LVDT and LDR sensors and the EDS sensors, also high-volume versions tailored to OEM’s requirements exist. Benefit from top-quality sensors even in tight spaces and in industrial applications with a high measuring rate.

A range of sensors and controllers for diverse applications

The range of Micro-Epsilon’s inductive displacement sensors (induSENSORS) includes: standard LVDT and LDR sensors with external controller, EDS sensors with integrated controller and serial models tailored to your OEM needs. They will all impress you with their robustness, long mechanical service life, reliability in harsh ambient conditions, high repeatability, signal quality, and temperature stability.

The combination with the modern MSC controller generation opens up numerous application fields and possibilities. You can control each sensor with any of the controllers.

Inductive displacement sensors Micro-Epsilon

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Inductive displacement sensors LVDT

LVDT inductive sensors with an external controller consist of a primary and two secondary coils with an axially movable core. There are two sensor types available to you: DTA-xG8 and DTA-xD sensors.

LVDT DTA-xG8 gauges Micro-Epsilon


LVDT gauge sensors DTA-xG8 with a sensor diameter of just 8 mm, are primarily used for the measurement and inspection of workpiece geometry (e.g. length, width, diameter, thickness, depth, height). Different measuring ranges from ±1 mm to ±10 mm are available.

These gauges are equipped with either a plain bearing-guided plunger and a return spring, or with a pneumatic push rod. Depending on the measuring object, different probe tips are available.

Application examples of the DTA-xG8 gauges

 Due to different measuring ranges and configuration settings, the DTA-xG8 gauges are suitable for dimensional measurement and inspection tasks, e.g., in automated quality control, R&D and production monitoring.

  • LVDT DTA-xG8 gauges application
  • LVDT DTA-xG8 gauges application
  • LVDT DTA-xG8 gauges application
  • LVDT DTA-xG8 gauges application
  • LVDT DTA-xG8 gauges application
  • LVDT DTA-xG8 gauges application


LVDT displacement sensors DTA-xD with a sensor diameter of 10 mm or 20 mm, are primarily used to measure and monitor movements, displacements, positions, strokes, deflections, dislocations, etc. in vehicles, machines and systems. Measuring ranges are from ±1 mm to ±25 mm and linearity up to ≤ ±0.15 % FSO.

LVDT displacement sensors have a plunger, which moves freely in the sensor housing. The measurement process in the sensor takes place without contact and is therefore wear-free.

LVDT DTA-xD inductive displacement sensors Micro-Epsilon

Inductive displacement sensors LDR

LDR inductive displacement sensors Micro-Epsilon

The LDR linear displacement sensor with external controller is characterized by its short, compact design and small diameter of only 8 mm. It only has one half-bridge coil. The plunger which moves freely in the sensor housing is attached directly to te measured object.

The measuring ranges are 10 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm. Sensor’s compact design and its small diameter allow the measuring systems to be installed in confined spaces.

Application examples of LDR and DTA-xD sensors 

Low-cost LDR sensors are particularly suitable for large-scale installation under restricted spatial conditions and in industrial environments with a high measuring rate. Due to their wear-free design, the LDR sensors impress with longevity and long-term stability.

  • LDR and DTA-xD sensors application
  • LDR and DTA-xD sensors application
  • LDR and DTA-xD sensors application
  • LDR and DTA-xD sensors application

Powerful controllers with more precision

MSC controllers Micro-Epsilon

For all of the above inductive displacement sensor models, you can use the 1-channel controller MSC7401 controller, the 2-channel MSC7802 controller or the 2-channel modular MSC7602 controller that enables long measurement chains for a multi-channel systems.

You can easily set up Micro-Epsilon’s controllers using buttons or software. Due to their robust aluminum housing protected to IP67, the controllers are predestined for a variety of industrial applications in automation technology and machine building.

Various analog outputs, RS485 digital interfaces or optional modules for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet and EtherCAT are also available. Each of the digital interfaces requires its own module.

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Inductive displacement sensors Micro-Epsilon

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