High-performance fixed-mount readers

DataMan 470 series fixed-mount barcode readers solve complex, high-​throughput manufacturing and logistics applications with ease. Take advantage of these readers to reduce costs, optimize performance, increase throughput, and control traceability.

Deliver maximum speed and coverage

The DataMan 470 Series fixed-mount barcode readers are the fastest and most powerful in Cognex’s line of industrial barcode readers. Due to advanced technologies, this premium series is intended for the high-performance and increasingly fast production and logistics lines. It boasts Cognex patented algorithms for decoding machine codes to deliver the best performance in its class.

The integrated 1DMax + HOTBARS algorithms decode even 1-D codes with increased noise, large specular reflection, reduced quiet zone, limited contrast, and damage, while added algorithms 2DMax + PowerGrid easily read 2-D codes without a code’s finder pattern, clocking pattern or quiet zone.

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Meet the main advantages

fixed mount reader Dataman 470
  • Multi-core processing power,
  • imaging technology,
  • high-resolution sensor,
  • advanced decoding algorithms,
  • simple setup
  • maximum coverage, speed
  • easy to use.

Solve the most challenging applications

The DataMan 470 Series uses a new, patented image capturing technology that makes it easy to solve complex applications such as car component traceability, tire identification, airport baggage handling, automatic sorting, etc.

The High Dynamic Range Plus (HDR+) imaging technology improves the image quality of 1-D and 2-D codes, as well as provides greater depth-of-field and faster line speeds than conventional readers. It also reads low-contrast and ultra-small codes that are not visible to other readers. With its greater field-of-view, it covers a larger area, so you need fewer readers, which ultimately leads to lower your project costs.

fixed mount reader Dataman 470

Benefit with interchangeable optics

fixed mount reader Dataman 470 optics

The DataMan 470 Series expandable platform includes high-performance multi-core processing power, advanced decoding algorithms, and modular optics design. With the help of the latter, you will be able to adapt the reader to the specific application and thus greatly improve the readability performance of the reader. With the updated DataMan Setup Tool, you will now find it even easier to set up the reader.

Gigabit Ethernet communication based reader provides fast transfer of high-resolution images to the DataMan Setup Tool. This will help you diagnose the barcode failure cause. With the Cognex Explorer Real Time Monitoring (RTM) tool, you will be able to define the quality metrics of the read barcode and thus further optimize the line.

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fixed mount reader Dataman 470

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