Deep Learning Camera for Machine Vision

Deep learning machine vision camera Cognex In-Sight D900 together with the powerful In-Sight ViDi software allows you to quickly and easily solve complex problems on your production line. With the help of deep learning (Eng. Deep learning ) you provide optical character recognition, check the installation of the various assemblies and to detect random faults in their products.

Solve complex problems with deep learning camera

The In-Sight D900 Deep Learning Machine Vision Camera will help you improve quality and eliminate defects in your production and reduce production costs. With powerful In-Sight ViDi software the In-Sight D900 is designed for applications based on machine-friendly machine learning.

With a comprehensive solution built into a compact smart camera, you can quickly and easily solve complex problems directly on the production line. With the help of deep learning ensure an accurate and reliable:

  • optical character recognition (OCR),
  • checking the correctness of the assembly of various assemblies,
  • detection of random errors or anomalies on your products.

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Achieve a high level of product control

Deep Learning Camera Cognex In-Sight D900 application

Improve the reliability of the final control of your products and speed up the process of preparing appropriate control software solutions. The latter is especially true in cases where the preparation of a program with traditional algorithms based on the definition of rules is time-consuming or too demanding.

You can set up In-Sight ViDi applications on your In-Sight D900 smartphone without a PC or industrial PC. Establishing a system without programming knowledge is a simplification that ensures that machine learning is accessible to everyone. The In-Sight D900 smart vision camera uses the well-known and simple In-Sight Spreadsheet platform.

Deep learning machine vision for OCR

Deep learning camera In-Sight D900 can detect strongly deformed, inclined and poorly printed or. engraved codes where traditional OCR tools fail.

With it, you ensure robust optical character recognition, supported by deep learning technology and learned from a collection of diverse fonts. You can also add to the collection very easily.

With the In-Sight ViDi Read tool, you can achieve excellent recognition without any additional adjustment. All you have to do is define the region of interest (ROI) and set the character size.

Deep Learning Camera Cognex In-Sight D900

Deep learning camera for assembly control

Deep Learning Camera Cognex In-Sight D900

With the In-Sight D900 deep learning camera, you can reliably detect complex features and objects and check the correct positioning of individual parts of the assemblies based on the expected and predefined layout.

Learn the components of the In-Sight ViDi Check tool and create an extensive library to use for control. The quality of the control does not depend on the size of the recorded objects and the angle of the shot.

Deep learning camera for error detection

The In-Sight ViDi Detect tool learns based on images of quality products and detects damaged ones. It is ideal, above all, if you want to look for anomalies on complex objects or inhomogeneous surfaces.

The tool performs particularly well in detecting errors that are of unpredictable shapes.

Deep Learning Camera Cognex In-Sight Vi-Di detect

In-Sight Spreadsheet user environment

deep learning camera In-Sight spreadsheet

In-Sight ViDi software, together with the intuitive In-Sight Spreadsheet user environment, allows you to quickly set up deep learning applications without programming skills. With a full range of communication and I / O features, the In-Sight Spreadsheet environment simplifies application development and integration into existing systems.

It also allows the integration of traditional Cognex rules-based tools (such as PatMax Redline) and new deep learning tools into a common project. This speeds up development and secures a competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding and rapidly changing market.

HMI Web User Interface

The In-Sight D900 system has a web user interface for easy insight into system operation and setting of basic operating parameters, which can be easily accessed from a web browser.

This allows you to easily access the camera from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Deep Learning Camera Cognex In-Sight D900

Flexibility of the In-Sight D900 system

Deep Learning Camera Cognex In-Sight D900 adaptability

Like other Cognex systems and machine vision sensors, the In-Sight D900 is extremely flexible and meets the IP67 protection standard. With a wide range of accessories and interchangeable equipment such as lighting, autofocus and manual focus lenses, filters and protective lenses, you can easily adapt the system to your application.

You can choose from four models of In-Sight D900 series deep learning cameras with 2.3 MP and 5 MP color and mono sensors and image capture speeds between 16 and 51 frames per second. Gigabit network connection provides you with fast data transfer and communication with several industrial and other protocols such as: TCP / IP, Modbus TCP / IP, EtherNet / IP, PROFINET, etc. There are also several digital I / O signals available to you.

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