Inductive sensors Uprox3 Turck

Turck’s Uprox3 inductive sensors belong to the Factor1 sensors, which have the same switching distances for all metals. The new electronic platform of the Uprox3 inductive sensors that use the latest chip set and manufacturing technologies, enables the installation in compact housings e.g., 4 mm smooth barrel and M5 designs with a 1 mm switching distance, even for flush mounting. Thanks to the new design, the previously most compact M8, M12 and M18 designs are shorter.

Larger switching distance without compromises

Although the existing Uprox+ sensors offered large switching distances for all metals, these distances are increased by as much as 50 percent in the new sensors. With this, Turck inductive sensors take the lead in current market. It previously was unattainable to sense 3 mm in the M8 design, 6 mm in M12 and 10 mm in M18.

However, thanks to the consistent development of its Uprox3 technology, Turck has been able to achieve these larger switching distances without any compromises in performance. The Uprox3 sensors still offer outstanding application reliability for demanding sensing tasks, but also allow for the possibility of completely new installations.

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Suited for demanding applications

Inductive sensors Uprox3 Turck

Because of their inherent immunity to magnetic fields, the Uprox3 series sensors are suitable for use in many demanding industrial sectors, such as welding for the automotive and metal forming markets. They are available with robust PTFE coated sensors in M8, M12 and M18 designs.

Turck’s Weldguardwhich resists high heat and weld slag buildup is also available. Like their predecessors, all Uprox3 sensors offer a high EMC stability and flexible mounting including full flush mounting, as well as precise switch points.

Meet their amazing technology

Previously Turck manufactured Factor1 inductive sensors with PCB coils. Inductive sensors also detected non-ferrous metals at the same distance as ferromagnetic materials. They performed very well in extreme temperature conditions, and applications where electromagnetic interference is present.

10 years later, uprox+ technology is introduced, where the winding is replaced by coils directly on the chip in order to increase the effective signal. New generations offer the benefits of larger switching distances together with designs and mounting operations that were previously unheard of.

Inductive sensors Uprox3 Turck

Benefit from Uprox3

Uprox3 is a new developmental milestone. Turck’s new technology managed to increase the switching distances by up to 50%. The basic operating principle of the uprox sensor is preserved, as it has been proven in millions of applications.

A modified electronics architecture and the use of the latest chip and production technologies enable the third generation of the uprox sensors to achieve the largest switching distances of all inductive sensors on the market, including factor 1 sensors. You can find a useful article on Uprox3 technology here.

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Inductive sensors Uprox3 Turck

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