UniStream PLC controller from Unitronics

The UniStream PLC controller from Unitronic is the result of many years of work, experience and research in the field of automation. The advantage of the UniStream is its integrated design, as a large color touchscreen and a powerful central processing unit form all-in-one device.

 UniLogic Studio for simple and transparent programming

Each UniStream PLC controller provides 2048 signals for use, which are determined by I/O signal modules. The UniStream PLCs are programmed in the Unilogic studio program, which is based on simplicity and transparency. The advanced program interface allows you to create a logical part of the program and design the HMI screen in one window.

New are also the function blocks, which you create once and then use them in the new programs. New features of UniLogic Studio allow you to reduce programming time by up to 50%! In addition to a high-tech control unit and advanced software, the UniStream also offers you a wide range of additional applications.

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Customize the I/O modules of the PLC controller

UniStream PLC controller Unitronics
  • UID – 0808R 
    • 8 isolated digital pnp/npn inputs
    • 8 isolated relay outputs

    UID – W1616R 

    • 16 isolated digital pnp/npn inputs
    • 16 isolated relay outputs

    UID – 0808T

    • 8 isolated digital pnp / npn inputs
    • 8 isolated transistor pnp outputs

    UID – W1616T

    • 16 isolated digital pnp / npn inputs
    • 16 isolated transistor outputs

    UID – 0016R 

    • 16 isolated relay outputs

    UID – 0016T

    • 16 isolated transistor pnp outputs

    UID – 1600

    • 16 isolated transistor pnp / npn inputs
  • UID – 0808THS
    • 8 isolated digital pnp/npn inputs
    • 4 inputs can be set as normal or fast digital inputs; it is possible to connect two encoders with a maximum frequency of 250 kHz
    • 8 isolated pnp outputs
    • 2 fast outputs – up to 250 kHz (normal or fast PWM outputs)
  • UIA – 0402N
    • 4 analog inputs, 13 bit, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
    • 2 analog outputs, 14 bit, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA

    UIA – 0800N

    • 8 analog inputs, 13 bit

    UIS – 04PTN

    • 4 temperature inputs type PT100/NI100/NI120

    UIS – 08TC

    • 8 inputs for thermocouples

UAC – 01RS2

  • 1 RS232

UAC – 02RS2

  • 2 RS232


  • 1 RS232 in 1 RS485

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Want to save time on development?

Unitronics PLC controller family

Check out features of the free UniLogic

  • Drag & drop elements – no addressing
  • Drag & drop interface, multi-layer elements, animations
  • Free image library
  • Instant change of HMI languages
  • Same look as HMI editor
  • No knowledge of HTML required
  • Create personal function blocks (UDFBs)
  • Easy addressing

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UniStream PLC controller Unitronics

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