Contactless body temperature measurement with a thermal camera

Until an effective drug is available to fight the COVID-19 virus, various measures will be needed to minimize the possibility of the virus being transmitted between humans and the rapid spread of the infection. Tools that enable the effective identification of the infected and the sick people play an important role. One of the symptoms of the disease is fever, which can be effectively detected by the contactless body temperature camera thermoIMAGER, offered by Micro-Epsilon.

Measure body temperature without contact

Years ago, scientific research confirmed the possibility of detecting fever by contactless measurement of facial temperature with a thermal imaging camera. Of the six measured areas around the eyes, the area of the inner corner of the eye proved to be the most suitable for checking body temperature.

Fast non-contact measurement allows a large flow of people during the measurement, and additional confirmation of the elevated temperature with another thermometer is required only in the case of a positive reading of the thermal imaging camera.

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Detect fever during pandemics quickly

Contactless body temperature measurement with a thermal imaging camera

The TIM QVGA-HD-T100 thermal imaging camera is intended for rapid screening tests to detect fever during infection. The thermal imaging camera measures body temperature with an optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels and in the temperature range from 20 °C up to 100 °C.

There are three lenses available that allow you to check both a group of people or just an individual. Continuous calibration of the thermal imaging camera with the TM-BR20AR-TIM reference module enables high accuracy of body temperature measurement, up to ± 0.5 °C.

Use it in a variety of applications

Main areas of application:

  • Entrances of companies, factories (for staff and visitors)
  • Airports, railway stations
  • Hospitals, medical institutions
  • Shopping malls, shops
  • Universities, schools
Contactless body temperature measurement with a thermal imaging camera

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Contactless body temperature measurement with a thermal imaging camera

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