Compact and modular safety controller

The Leuze MSI400 safety controller is programmed quickly and comfortably with a simple MSI.designer graphical interface.

Quick and efficient

The MSI400 safety controller from Leuze is designed to quickly and efficiently integrate several different or identical safety sensors into a complete safety application on different types of machines.

Examples of use are:

  • assembly machines,
  • robotic cells packing machines,
  • assembly cells,
  • transport systems, …

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The main advantages of the new safety controller

Leuze MSI400 safety controller

The MSI400 family consists of various basic modules that allow optimal selection according to the security application. We can expand the controller, which means the optimal choice today and in the future, as the controller can be increased in line with expectations.

Industrial Ethernet protocol is available as well as other industrial communication protocols. Different protocols allow us to easily and quickly integrate into different industrial environments. Already on the basic module, a USB and Etherent interface is integrated, through which we can access the controller during configuration and during operation.

Exploit simple user interface

A brand new free MSI.designer graphical interface is available for programming. The software tool allows you to design, program, test and document the entire security application implemented with MSI400. Hardware configuration is performed in just a few steps, where pre-defined safety sensors are connected to inputs and outputs with a simple drag-and-drop technique.

Libraries and function blocks are available for logical programming. MSI.designer enables fast and flexible creation or creation of own user elements. The controller has a removable SD card on the front, which allows us to store virtually any size of the security program.

Leuze MSI400 safety controller, MSI.designer

Modular and scalable

Leuze MSI400 safety controller

The Leuze MSI400 safety controller is modular and scalable. Already the basic module offers 24 inputs and outputs. With expansion modules in the largest configuration, it enables up to 116 safety inputs and 56 safety outputs. In addition, there are 300 function blocks that can be used freely in any security project.

The MSI400 safety controller has 4A safety relays used at the outputs. Due to the increased power, the use of an additional safety relay is often not necessary. Such an approach further lowers the cost of the entire security system.

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Leuze MSI400 safety controller

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