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Take advantage of an extensive analysis functions of  Turck’s new LRS510 radar level sensor family for challenging level applications. These sensors are an upgrade of the ultrasonic and optical sensors. It accurately measures the level and volume of loose and liquid media in the harshest industrial environments. Take advantage of IO-Link for easy data retrieval!

Radar level sensor ideal for industrial automation

Level and volume measurements in a demanding industrial environment require specially adapted products. Such are the IO-Link radar level sensors from Turck’s LRS510 sensor family. After years of intensive development, these sensors meet the stringent requirements of the industrial automation.

The LRS510 sensor family accurately and reliably measures level and volume of loose or liquid media in your tanks and silos. The sensors with protection to IP67/69K are especially recommended for level applications in factory automation, in which optical or ultrasonic sensors are unsuitable due to disturbance factors such as dust, wind or light.

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Radar level sensor with a wide measuring range

radar level senzor LRS510 Turck silos

The LRS510 radar level sensors measure level and volume in the 0.35 m to 10 m range. They meet the strict requirements of IP67 and IP69K protection classes.

The freely radiating LRS radar sensors also offer detailed analysis functions, which were previously only available in the high-end radar sensors used in the process industry. The absence of a metal guide probe enables you to easily use the sensor also in hygiene applications and simplifies commissioning.

Check out the advantages of the radar level sensor

  • Suitable for the demanding environmental conditions in industrial automation
  • A single product measuring distance, level and volume
  • Easy data retrieval and configuration with Turck IO-Link master devices
  • Insensitivity to the presence of objects (heaters, stirrers) in the tank or silos due to signal filtration
  • The same design and control as in other Turck sensors from the Fluid 2.0 portfolio
  • A large quantity of additional information for processing in condition monitoring applications in IIoT: besides signal strength, this includes temperature values, operating hours or switching cycles. This maximizes the reliability of level measurement in challenging applications.
radar level senzor LRS510 Turck liquid

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radar level senzor LRS510 Turck

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