Inline color measurement with photospectrometer ACS7000

Micro-Epsilon’s photospectrometer ACS7000 is a color measurement system that enables you non-contact relative and absolute color measurements. It is ideal for high-speed inline measurements and allows you to easily measure contrasts, colour and shades.

Accurately examine colors and shades on-the-fly

The colorCONTROL ACS7000 not only recognizes reference colors by comparison, but identifies individual colors clearly from their coordinates in the color space.

With its very high measurement speeds, this photospectrometer is suitable for applications where colors and shades have to be examined on-the-fly and to very high accuracies.

It is indispensable when the measurements have to be extremely accurate in industry or laboratories, but contact measurements are not feasible.

photospectrometer ACS7000 Micro-Epsilon

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Characteristics of the inline photospectrometer ACS7000

photospectrometer ACS7000 Micro-Epsilon measurement
  • Measurement speed: max. 2 kHz
  • Adjustable light source: A, C, D65, D50, D75, E, F4, F7, F11
  • Standard observer: 2°, 10° (adjustable)
  • Color spaces: XYZ; L*a*b*; L* u* v*; L* c* h*
  • Measurement precision ΔE ≤ 0.08 (5 nm)
  • Real-time data capture and processing
  • Ethernet/EtherCAT, RS 422, digital I/O
  • Reproducibility of the measurements <0.03 (mean); <0.08 (max) ΔE
  • Operation and display via a Web interface

Types of the photospectrometer ACS7000 heads

Standard sensor ACS1

Standard sensor ACS1 Micro-Epsilon

The standard sensor ACS1 is used for common measuring tasks. The transmitter and the receiver inside the sensor are arranged at an angle of 30°/0° to each other, producing a working distance of 50 mm.

Circular sensor ACS2

Circular sensor ACS2 Micro-Epsilon

The circular sensor ACS2 is used for color measurement of structured and highly reflective surfaces as well as lustrous metals. In the sensor, 24 lighting optics are circularly arranged around the receiving optics.

Transmission sensor ACS3

Transmission sensor ACS3 Micro-Epsilon

The transmission sensor ACS3 is applied for measurements of self-luminous objects and transparent objects as well. Measuring the color of self-luminous objects requires only the receiver unit, whereas a transmitter and a receiver unit are necessary when detecting transparent objects.

Photospectrometer ACS7000 applications

photospectrometer ACS7000 M-E applications
  • Metal industry: color measurements of painted or galvanized metal strips
  • Color measurement of translucent glass and optics on the production line
  • Color gradient measurement (PET, PVC foils, glass, optics)
  • Color measurement on a PET film production line
  • Color measurement of plastic parts on the production line after injection molding
  • Control over the color change of plastic depending on temperature
  • Measurement of liquid color (e.g., in the varnish, paint, other industry)
  • Measurement of color homogeneity of LED panels (RGB)

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photospectrometer ACS7000 Micro-Epsilon

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