Set the parameters of switches easily with capacitive sensors with an IO-Link

Capacitive sensors with IO-Link simplify setting in difficult applications and increases plant availability through predictive maintenance. Turck’s BCT capacitive sensors with an IO-Link interface allow easy setting of the parameters of switches in different applications. The internal process value ​​of the sensor can be displayed via the Pactware software or the machine controller.

Meet Turck’s capacitive sensors with an IO-Link

With Turck’s capacitive sensors from the BCT series with IO-Link, setting parameters in even difficult applications is simplified. It is also possible to monitor ​​and diagnose the sensor or container contamination, which is important when the dirt or dust cover the sensor and changes the level of the switching point.

The sensor can easily be taught-in via the integrated push “Teach” button, a teach-in adapter or the IO-Link interface. The latter method enables faster and more accurate parameterization and prevents incorrect settings.

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Implement preventive maintenance

BCT series capacitive sensors with IO-Link monitor the internal temperature and voltage, providing an insight into the thermal load of the sensor. Consequently, they provide an indication of their probability of failure. This enables you to intervene immediately when critical values are reached, before the damage leads to costly plant downtimes.

BCT capacitive sensors are IP67 compliant and are available in four variants. In the coated version, they are available in an M18 housing with a 5 mm folding distance and an M30 housing with a 10 mm folding distance. In the case of uncoated installation, the range of the sensor is increased by another 50%. Both variants are also available with or without the “Teach” button.

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