Compact V1000 Series Microdrive

The V1000 compact microdrive from Yaskawa is a general-purpose compact current vector drive covering the demands of a wide field of applications including Open-Loop-Vector functionality and the use of PM motors without feedback.

Compact microdrive for demanding applications

The Yaskawa V1000 Series is a world-class compact current vector microdrive designed with maintainability and efficient production in mind. Yaskawa is a leading global manufacturer of AC Drives, Servo Drives, Machine Controllers, PLCs and HMIs and industrial robots with more then 100-year tradition.

Its V1000 is a simple and economically interesting compact microdrive, suitable for demanding applications. These applications include the Open-Loop-Vector functionality and the use of PM motors without feedback.

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Yaskawa V1000 Series compact microdrive

For cost-reduction, the V1000 Series compact current vector microdrive features two-channel STO function (Safe Torque Off – IEC 61800-5-2) built-in that does not require motor contactors, which further reduces costs.

An advanced energy-saving control technology improves drive efficiency and provides minimum 10 years operating life under normal, maintenance-free conditions.

DriweWorksEZ software tool provides a “built-in PLC”, allowing you to customize and adapt your microdrive to your machine needs in a fast and intuitive manner.

The V1000features high flux breaking for 50% reduction of braking time.

Protective Design: IP20, NEMA1, IP66

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Yaskawa V1000 Series compact microdrive applications

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