Safety switch RSS 16 – RFID technology

The non-contact RSS 16 safety switch features RFID technology for needs-based protection against tampering. It was developed by Schmersal on the basis of the popular AZ 16 electromechanical safety switch.

Safety switch with RFID technology

The difference to the AZ 16 is that the RSS 16 safety switch does not have a mechanical actuator. A technically safe physical RFID signal is responsible for the communication between the transmitter and receiver.

Schmersal offers you three different encoded versions: in the basic version, the sensor accepts any suitable target. A second version only accepts targets which the sensor has learnt after being switched on for the first time. With the third deliverable version, the learn process can be repeated any number of times.

The safety switch can be used as a magnetic stop allowing the designer to forego the use of a separate stop with latch.

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RSS 16 safety switch features

  • Protection level PLe, SIL3,
  • high level of coding,
  • batch connection and serial diagnostics,
  • holding the door with a magnet,
  • activation from three directions,
  • individual coding,
  • connection with terminals or connector,
  • LED status indication

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RSS 16

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