The fastest MICRO PLC in the world

The MICRO PLC controller is the latest controller of YASKAWA VIPA Controls, which joined the Yaskawa Group a few years ago. The association of companies has contributed to the creation of a  powerful, miniature and attractive MICRO PLC controller. The combination of high functionality, excellent performance and its miniaturization brings you new opportunities to optimize your processes and improve performance. Even on smaller machines and devices.

Revolutionary design

As its name suggests, MICRO PLC controller from Yaskawa is an extremely compact controller. It is only 72 mm wide and as much as 50% smaller than similar products on the market. The controller can be further upgraded with up to 8 expansion modules.

But don’t be fooled by its size. The controller is based on SPEED7 technology, which enables extremely fast processing. Therefore, it is also suitable for more demanding applications, such as precision positioning. With such CPU, the MICRO PLC is the fastest micro controller in the world.

micro PLC Yaskawa

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Micro PLC with up to 8 expansion modules

micro PLC Yaskawa modular

The controller has 30 integrated digital I/Os. You can further expand it by simply connecting it to up to 8 expansion modules for a total of 158 signals. Each signal has the LED for status indication. Easy-to-remove push-in terminals allow you to perform wiring quickly and maintain faster, reducing potential downtime. Push-in clamps are also more resistant to vibration and do not need to be checked periodically to see if they are properly tightened as required for screw clamps.

The placement of LEDs next to the I/O signal connector allows you to easily view its status, despite the high density. The MICRO is also equipped with a web server that allows you to access and view data, diagnostics and status data. You can also monitor your previously built application via a web server.

Connectivity for all possible applications

The MICRO PLC controller contains 2 port mains switches for network access, programming and communications. It can communicate via Ethernet TCP/IP protocols (Modbus TCP, Ethernet raw). The controller can also be used as a PROFIBUS slave unit. The controller also speaks the PROFINET language. You can connect up to 8 PROFINET devices to it. You can also configure MICRO as an I device in the PROFINET topology.

The new MICRO PLC can be used in both standard and customized machine construction. It will cope with a wide variety of tasks as a central or decentralized controller in the process industry. Due to its compact construction, it is also perfectly suitable for building automation.

micro PLC Yaskawa connectivity

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