3D Machine Vision Cameras Basler Blaze

Basler Bblaze 3D machine vision cameras are the second generation of universally useful and extremely precise time-of-flight 3D cameras. They allow you to  capture real-time 3D images in your applications, lowering your total system costs and designing your 3D applications more efficiently.

3D cameras for machine vision

With the latest Sony DepthSense deep ToF sensor technology, GigE interface and VGA resolution, the Basler blaze is suitable for locating and locating various objects in space, measuring volume and detecting obstacles.

The camera can be used in a variety of industrial environments.

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Measure with time of flight method

3d machine vision camera Basler, TOF measurement concept

Basler blaze operates on the principle of measuring the time of flight of light (ToF – time-of-flight), using technology with laser diodes VCSEL in near-infrared (NIR) light spectrum with a wavelength of 940 nm.

Thus, the camera is suitable for capturing high-quality 3D images even in an environment illuminated with natural light. It is also insensitive to contrast. ToF measures the time it takes light to travel from the camera’s light source to the object and back to the camera sensor. As the distance increases, the time of light flight also increases.

3D machine vision cameras suitable for any application

The Basler blaze 3D camera is suitable for a variety of tasks in industrial automation, logistics and medicine. With a compact and robust housing, it is also ideal for installation in autonomous vehicles and mobile robots for the purpose of navigation, avoiding obstacles and capturing the environment.

With a built-in lens and eye-invisible illumination, the Basler blaze is a compact unit with IP67 protection that contains no moving components. Due to its low weight, it is ideal for installation on a robotic arm.

Integrate the camera with ease

Basler blaze 3D machine vision cameras application

The Gigabit GigE data interface and platform-independent software interface allow easy integration into various industrial systems and use in multi-camera systems.

Integration is further facilitated by freely available programming examples.

The camera also supports GigE Vision and GenICam standards.

Operation principle of 3D cameras for machine vision

The camera is able to capture images that contain information about the distance, intensity and level of confidence in the measurements taken. At the same time, it can capture and process 3D point clouds and 2D grayscale images in real time at a speed of 30 images per second, without burdening the processor of the target system or. computer.

The integrated Sony DepthSense IMX556PLR-C sensor with CAPD (Current Assisted Photonic Demodulator) structure together with a rear-view CMOS image sensor enables accurate detection of objects with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and millimeter accuracy up to 10 meters. The measuring range is also suitable for applications that require the capture of larger objects, such as two Euro pallets or even a smaller car.

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Basler Blaze 3D Machine Vision Camera

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