A camera-based code reader

The DCR200i code reader from Leuze is designed for fast and reliable detection and identification of 1D- and 2D-barcodes, compound codes and DataMatrix codes. It is distinguished by its exceptional reading speed, as the object with the code can move at a speed of up to 6 m/s. It was developed on the basis of a camera for fast and efficient code reading, especially in the packaging industry, automation and robotics.

Read codes fast, reliable and with ease

In addition to speed, the DCR200i code reader from Leuze also features easy start-up, operation and maintenance. Gapless traceability of your products from production to the customer is getting increasingly more relevant.

Whether it is allergen management of foodstuffs, feed-in checks in the pharmaceutical industry, shipping label checks in the packaging industry or product quality checks in the electronics industry – the essential ingredient is fast and reliable identification of 1D- and 2D-codes.

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Optimally identify, trace and track

DCR200i code reader Leuze, application

The new dual code reader DCR 200i from Leuze, combines easy handling and high reading performance – even with demanding reading tasks and thus supports:

  • Identification – ensuring that the label was printed with product/bar code and/or Data Matrix code.
  • Track and trace – traceability of ingredients and packed products during production.

Integrate the reader in minutes

The DCR200i barcode reader does not require any external management and control applications. A wizard integrated in the WebConfig tool guides you quickly and easily through the setup process and simplifies commissioning.

You can put a code reader into operation in only three minutes. For simple applications, the DCR 200i can also be set up for the reading task without a PC using just two buttons on the device and a smartphone app.

Reliably detect object at high speeds

High reading performance and powerful LED illumination of code reader DCR200i enable a good reading result even at high object speeds or partially damaged codes. The reader is available with three different lenses, allowing us to read codes at a distance from 40 mm to 360 mm.

Interfering reflections can be reduced thanks to exchangeable polarization filters and diffusor foils.

Communicate through different protocols

In addition to Ethernet connection, code reader DCR200i also supports RS232 and RS422 industrial protocols for data transmission. A communication interface using the latter exists, and you can also communicate via PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT. There are 4 digital inputs and outputs for triggering or determining the status of the reader.

For demanding environments, a stainless-steel model with protection level IP69K / IP67 is available, which is also resistant to all types of aggressive cleaners.

DCR200i code reader Leuze, communication

Code Reader DCR200i in practice

DCR200i code reader Leuze, application

Code checking in electronics production

DCR200i code reader Leuze, application

Shipping-label inspection in conveyor and storage systems

DCR200i code reader Leuze, application

Code inspection on pharmaceutical packages

DCR200i code reader Leuze, application

Label inspection in the food industry

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DCR200i code reader Leuze

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