Control a robot with a Cognex camera

Controlling the robot with the camera is now even more robust. In its Intelligent Vision Systems InSight, Cognex presents a new algorithm PatMax RedLine that sets a new standard for pattern-matching speed and accuracy in a standalone vision system.

Increase speed of your robotic application

The Patmax Redline vision robot control tool is just as robust as the previous version of Patmax, but at the same time 5-15x faster. Cognex achieved an increase in speed by optimizing the algorithm and a new hardware platform with dual-core processors.

With Patmax Redline, there is no longer a need to compromise between the speed and robustness of a robotic application.

Choose the perfect model

  • InSight 5705, the world’s fastest standalone 5 MPix camera system for reliable control on production lines at high speeds
  • InSight 8405, the world’s smallest standalone 5 MPix camera system. Ideal in applications that require low equipment weight or have limited installation space
  • InSight 5705C, the only color standalone 5 MPix camera system in the world that handles even the most demanding applications with advanced tools and 24-bit color image depth

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