SECOMEA remote access

Secomea specializes in the segment of remote industrial communications, which help you monitor, manage and service your equipment no matter where you are. Their mission is to make the connection safe and simple.

Automatically find your devices

With the SiteManager software upgrade, SECOMEA has added an advanced feature to detect your devices, which automatically finds all network devices, displays them on the screen and at the same time recommends the most appropriate protocol for remote access to these devices. Now you can create access agents in one step, which until now, required manual entry of the IP address and manual selection of the appropriate protocol.

The same goes for connected USB devices, which are also automatically detected and displayed, so only one step is needed to make your USB device accessible. To make steps easier, SECOMEA made a video tutorial showing ease of remote access.

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Connect many devices

SiteManager also allows you to connect more USB devices. Using the USB hub, you can now connect as many USB devices as you have free access agents in SiteManager.

Even setting up and access to SiteManager and remote devices is simple and fast – setup is done in 5 minutes.

Implement a high level of security

Security has always and always will be a key fundament of the Secomea Solution. It is continuously audited by the external security company ProtectEM GmbH, with source code of Secomea which is under strict version control. Discover the process of enhancements, bug fixes and security vulnerability fixes.

Director of SECOMEA Mr. Peter Hansen said: “We always strive to make the SECOMEA solutions easy to install, setup and use, especially for non IT-literate users. The new advanced search feature for your devices speeds up the setup process as well as eliminates the possibility of setup errors. With the new version of the software, non IT-literate users can quickly and correctly set up access to the desired devices.”

SECOMEA remote access

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SECOMEA remote access

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