Data and power supply in one cable

EtherCAT-P connectors from Escha facilitate a common data and power supply via the compact interface. Take advantage of a cost-effective and compact wiring as well as low system budget.

Develop EtherCAT applications

EtherCAT-P-connectors from ESCHA facilitate a common data and power supply via the interface. The four-pole connection cables and device interfaces with P-coding facilitate the supply via the industrially proven and comparably compact M8x1-interface.

All new components dispose of a reliable 360°-shielding according to IEC 61076-2-114 standard. The typical EtherCat-P black-red cable is UL-approved adapted for trouble-free applications on the North American market.

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Cost-effective and compact wiring

EtherCAT-P connectors Escha

EtherCAT-P is an extension of the EtherCAT-technology facilitating the use of the four-wire standard cable not only for data transmission but also for power supply leading to a cost-effective and compact wiring as well as low system budget. The P-coding averts accidental connection of standard-EtherCAT-slaves.

In order to enable high availability and performance, Escha focused on details throughout the entire development process, eg., on the shielding connection, the 360°-shielding concept and the wire connection.

Meet the whole EtherCAT-P line-up

Escha offers you a comprehensive EtherCAT-P-program consisting of connection- and junction cables as well as matching receptacles respectively available in straight or angled housing styles as male or female versions. All components are adapted for a power transmission up to 4 A at concurrent Fast-Ethernet-transmission up to 100 Mbit/s. The black-red cable is available as AWG22- and AWG24-variants.

For all EtherCAT-standard applications, they offer four-pole M8x1-connectors with A-coding, four-pole M12x1-connectors with D-coding as well as RJ45-connectors.

EtherCAT-P technology

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EtherCAT-P technology

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