SPE – the future of Industrial Ethernet

By expanding its offer with SPE components, Escha contributes to the implementation and competitiveness of an advanced SPE technology in various industrial IoT applications and Industry 4.0. With lighter, thinner, and affordable SPE cables and connectors, ensure a cost-effective and space-saving connection of sensors in real time.

Make the field level smart with SPE components

The technology of the currently most widespread connection protocol for data transmission – the Industrial Ethernet – is oversized and too complex for many industrial IoT applications and Industry 4.0. Many processes, especially at the field device level (e.g., sensors), do not need and do not use such a large amount of data. However, they do require reliable and efficient data transfer capacity.

Escha, the global manufacturer of cables and connectors, follows the requirements for a more cost-efficient and simple infrastructure at the field level with a set of components from an advanced and much simpler form of Ethernet connectivity, the Single Pair Ethernet or SPE. SPE narrows down the earlier two or four pairs of cables to just a single pair, saving space and enabling a comprehensive array of standardized communication protocols in various industrial sectors.

SPE cables and connectors Escha

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Check out the main benefits of SPE components

SPE technology benefits
  • Miniaturization and simplicity; because cables and connectors contain only one pair of copper wires, they are lighter, smaller, and easier to install in extremely small devices or machines where weight and mechanical flexibility are essential.
  • Lower costs and sustainability; by reducing the number of wires used you are using less copper and plastic, which means spending less money. Adopting the advanced tecnology means less complexity, fewer materials, less equipment, and less waste.
  • Flexibility; smaller SPE components require significantly less space than the classic ones, enabling an easier expansion of the existing systems.

Rely on a single pair of wires

Using the Single Pair Ethernet in the network edge provides more transparent industrial communication and enables virtually barrier-free connection from the cloud to the field devices in real time and with a noticeably increased range of functions. Only two wires required for the transmission of data and power (PoDL) virtually eliminate complex parameterization of different systems and the need for expensive gateways that add delay and reduce full transparency in communication. This significantly reduces complexity, and helps achieve higher mobility, and better accuracy.

SPE enables up to 1 Gbit/s transmission speed (over distances up to 40 m) and delivers power up to 50 W over a single wire pair. This will come in handy especially for smaller devices installed in tight spaces on production lines, without an access to a source of electricity.

SPE technology versus Standard Ethernet

Escha’s new set of SPE components

EtherCAT-P cables and connectors Escha

Since SPE needs its own ecosystem of industrial network components (cables, connectors, etc), Escha has developed the IEC 63171-6 overmoulded M8 and M12 connectors based on the T1 interface. As they meet the usual market sealing requirements (IP67), they are particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

Escha’s SPE product portfolio, consisting of single and double ended cordsets (male-version), will be available at the beginning of 2024.

Currently, EtherCAT-P cordsets and cordsets for Industrial Ethernet are available for power and data transmission.

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