AR solutions for mobile workers

Digitize and streamline processes for employees in desk-free workspaces with AR-guided solutions – seamlessly integrated with wearables and mobile devices – increasing productivity, efficiency, and quality along the entire value chain.

Empower Your Workforce with AR

80% of the world’s workforce works without a desk, so give them the right tools to succeed. Use TeamViewer Frontline, an augmented reality productivity solution platform and raise their productivity, lower error rates and increase product and service quality – all while reducing costs.

The platform improves work efficiency and simplifies the processes of those working outside the office and away from the desk. Take the first step and find out how Teamviewer Frontline can improve your processes in Logistics, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair and many more.

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Remote Support with xAssist

If a malfunction occurs or a plant comes to a halt, production downtime and high costs mount very quickly. Service operations in these events are time-critical. With the remote support solution xAssist, you can easily connect a technical expert with the employees on-site in case of problems.

Thanks to smart glasses, the remote expert sees exactly what the technician on-site sees. This is made possible by the real-time video and audio transmission. Functions such as AR markers help the expert to visually clarify his instructions. The employee’s hands are free and he can immediately follow the expert’s instructions. Several users can participate in a call, which allows for support from external experts outside the company network.

Unlock possibilities

With minimized downtime and reduced travel costs, you achieve a quick return on investment. Remote support helps you to transfer knowledge without the information loss. Close knowledge gaps in your company and simplify the decision-making process.

xAssist can also support your customers. Offer them a new and reliable service experience with remote support. Solve problems at the first repair and better fulfill your service level agreements. Develop new service concepts and open up new revenue streams.

  • Remote video calls,
  • Live Troubleshooting,
  • Remote augmented reality,
  • Professional assistance anywhere and anytime,
  • Limit unnecessary travels,

Achieve optimal assembly

People are still essential for production processes. Companies face the challenge of minimizing the natural human error rate to ensure quality and avoid rejects.

xMake reduces the workload of the staff and supports the following processes:

  • Assembly step by step instructions,
  • Faster training of new workers
  • Automatically created documentation,
  • Display of useful information.

Enable guided assemby with xMake

xMake replaces error-prone paper lists and enables a guided assembly. With the help of smart glasses, the user always has all relevant information in view, while both hands remain free for the actual activity. Cameras and sensors ensure perfect results in each production step.

High flexibility is a key feature xMake solution. It only requires a Wi-Fi connection, and can be adapted to the needs of the employees. In the event of a defect on the production line, employees can access remote support function (JITE – Just in Time Expertise). xMake also shortens time- and resource-intensive training (JITT, Just in Time Training).

Offer excellent service

TV Frontline AR solutions

Complex maintenance manuals are a thing of the past. Digitize your know-how! xInspect is an innovative solution that uses data glasses to improve planned service and maintenance processes in various branches of industry.

Benefit from:

  • higher quality of service maintenance,
  • guided diagnostics,
  • checklist of tasks,
  • automatic creation of documentation,
  • connecting external sensors and IIot devices.

Guide troubleshooting with xInspect

Today, technicians often face two challenges when performing maintenance and repair tasks: both hands are needed for the work and at the same time they are dependent on additional information about maintenance procedures.

With xInspect on smart glasses, the technician has all relevant information, checklists, diagrams etc. directly in front of his eyes. Sensor data can also be integrated in real-time. The worker can move freely. Inspection reports and documentation can be created automatically during the process without loss of information.

Unlock high process efficiency

Unlock high process efficiency with xInspect. The step-by-step instructions and the integrated quality control streamline the maintenance processes. Economic damages like machine downtimes are proactively avoided and lead to a fast ROI.

The training for new employees is made easier by a fast knowledge transfer. Work gets safer thanks to the display of process-related hazard warnings. And if a problem cannot be solved with the existing information, an expert can be consulted with the Frontline solution xAssist.

Optimize logistics

Manual logistics processes still dominate in many companies. The TeamViewer Frontline solution xPick addresses this critical link and aims at a profitable use of wearables in many logistics processes:

  • Manual order picking
  • Incoming & outgoing goods,
  • Packing & sorting goods
  • Inventory control
  • Sequencing & kitting
  • Replenishment & putaway

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