Augmented Reality in Industry

Augmented reality (AR) in combination with wearable devices will upgrade your existing field applications with computer support. Simplify and improve the performance of applications in an industrial environment! Augmented Reality (AR) is now available to you with the use of the software platform TeamViewer Frontline.

Empower your workforce with AR solutions

With Frontline, you can easily digitalize processes for with AR-guided solutions. You can seamlessly integrate wearables and mobile devices – increasing productivity, efficiency, and quality along the entire value chain.

With augmented reality, you will be able to bring digital elements into a physical world. For example you can implement remote video calls, live debugging, display documents and remote augmented reality.

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Implement AR Assistance with XAssist

Innovative remote support allows field workers to transmit the live video and sound from the field to the other participants of the video conference via smart glasses. They can send him the information he needs on the screen of his smart glasses.

In this way, it is easier for the experts to guide the worker in solving a fault on the machine. Because the worker uses smart glasses hands-free and location-independent, he is not hindered during the procedure.

Advantages of remote support with smart glasses:

  • professional assistance anywhere and anytime,
  • saving money and time – no need to travel,
  • easy and unimpeded use,
  • voice hands-free control,
  • concern for the safety and health of employees,
  • elimination of costs of mobile operators.

Guide manufacturing and production with XMake

xMake is an innovative make-by-vision solution for manufacturing processes. Provide your employees with dynamic step-by-step instructions directly in their field of view and take care of quality installation assistance, quality control and faster training of new workers.

Advantages of using the xMake solution:

  • hands-free work,
  • relevant information in view,
  • step by step guides,
  • faster initial training,
  • fewer interruptions,
  • better ergonomics,
  • integrated quality assurance.

Manage picking in logistics and warehousing with xPick

With the xPick “Pick by vision” solution, you will digitize manual order picking, incoming, outgoing, and sorting of goods, inventory control, sequencing, and many more processes in logistics and warehousing.

Advantages of using the xPick solution:

  • connection to the warehouse management system (WMS),
  • hands-free work,
  • graphical instructions,
  • quick ramp-up and scaling,
  • user adaptable, fully mobile and device-agnostic.

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Augmented Reality Teamviewer Frontline

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